Finnish wilderness week for Christmas

Hello all, 

I am sat enjoying the summer sun thinking about my Christmas holiday to Finland. 

Anyone else booked on the departure leaving 23rd of December. I am traveling solo and would be great to hear from anyone else going. 


Well, I hope it is not just me and you! The huskies won't mind I'm sure...Yes, I will be going too and looking forward. Debating what type of snow shoes to buy?

When did this trip for Christmas a few years ago. When you get to Basecamp Oulanka you will get shoes / jackets / trousers, etc... everything you need to keep you warm. You'll have a great time.

Looking forward to a getaway christmas :-) 


Hi all! 

I'm on this trip too, and also travelling solo. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. I'm from Australia so all these activities are really new to me! It should be a great week.

I booked at the last minute so I'm on a different flight. I arrive pretty late on the Sunday night, I think around 10 or 11 -- so I will probably see people first thing the next day:) 



I’ve never done more than sled down a local hill on a body board in the snow so xanthe you are not the only one! 

I am getrung very excited but also nervous. I have found some webcams on line and it looks magically snowy. 

Looking forward to meeting you all, more more importantly the huskies!!!


Hello everyone,

Sounds like we are all in the same...sledge! Never had such an experience and think it fab that we are all non-experts in the wilderness together!! The husky's and reindeer will help us on their terrain. And as for skiing - never put my feet in a pair of ski boots before, but have only used a metal tray as a sledge to go down a snowy hill (when small)! Have high calorie chocolate bars as someone told me you need these in the cold and with all that exercise. I am unsure why I am worrying about being fed? So a bit nervous too....

Looking forward to meeting you all.


looking forward to meeting everyone soon. Both of us new to this kind of experience. We,ve been slightly concerned about lack of snow, but been reassured by the rep that it,s all good.

Anyone else on the group flight ftom Gatwick holding their breath until Sunday morning?

Fingers crossed now flights are going. Although wouldn’t mind a slightly later flight so we don’t have to get up soooo early. The original flight time was better. Staying at Gatwick the night before. Excited to meet everyone and try out these new experiences. 

Feeling a little relieved that flights have resumed as "gutted" would be an understatement if this trip gets cancelled. Looking forward to being "off grid" and meeting new people. We're staying at Gatwick overnight too.

See you all there!!!!

Feeling a little relieved that flights have resumed as "gutted" would be an understatement if this trip gets cancelled. Looking forward to being "off grid" and meeting new people. We're staying at Gatwick overnight too.

See you all there!!!!

I don’t think I’m going to believe it until I’m laid on the floor doing snow angels!! 

I’m also staying at Gatwick tomorrow night ... not sure how much sleep I’ll get, it’ll be my equivalent of Christmas Eve!!

See you all Sunday ❄️⛄️

Hi all, glad the Gatwick flights are looking good! I’m on an afternoon flight from Heathrow, so I’ll either see everyone on sun night or Monday morning (I’ll look for you at breakfast!). 

I thought I’d posted about packing earlier this week but my message seems not to have worked. Basically I checked with exodus and we literally just need the stuff listed in the trip notes, all the winter gear is provided. Jeans and jumpers are fine for evenings.

see everyone soon!

Our travel agent just called and said ’there is nothing set at the moment’ and updated on a daily basis. Apparently they are getting the long haul flights off first. So still need to keep checking I suppose.  We are staying at Sofitel Gatwick, anyone else there? 

Hello everyone!

Travelling from Gatwick too. I am feeling more certain it will be alright by Sunday morning - possibly a delay given the unimaginable circumstances. Staying at Travel Lodge for the night-which will be one of no sleep at all! The worst scenario is that we are redirected to another airport, I was told. We will get there! The huskies are waiting!

The latest from my travel company is that flights are resuming and they have 'had no issues today' and 'things  should be returning to normal by end Saturday' if no nonsense kicks off by sad person who started it all. Snow angels everyone!

Yay 😇

lets hope they’re busy doing their last minute shopping now - as long as it’s not drones from Argos 🤪😳x x

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