Galapagos Islands

I have just signed up for this trip to the Galapagos Islands, in Darwin`s footsteps.
This sounds like a brilliant trip and I am really looking forward to it.
Anyone else going? get in touch via the forum..

Me and my wife have just booked the March trip and very much looking forward to it!

Hi Chris , sorry to so long replying as I have just returned from another trip. Looking forward to meeting you both.
Have you looked on the forum for the October trip (next month) as they are asking some questions/tips which we might learn from.

Hi Chris, sorry the forum post`s I referred to were November not October for this same destination.

Sorry Albi, I made a mistake..we are going on the Galapagos Islands 2017 (WAG). I'll be touring Costa Rica whilst you are on the islands and flying out of Quito to Baltra on the 18th when you are flying back I think!
Have a great trip!

Hi Albie, Trevor & I are on this trip. We are very excited about it. It has been top of my bucket list for years. We are going to Napo Wildlife first, so are flying out to Quito in around 10 days time.

Hi Trevor & Lesley,
I have just got back from a trip today and am not flying out early, I will be going with the group on the 4th do you know how many are on this trip with us?

Hi Jon here. I am flying with the group on the 4th as well. Just been doing some snorkelling gear shopping. Are people taking their own flippers as I have a pair already?

Ref snorkelling gear, we are taking our one mask, but not the fins and will hire gear as we need it. Don't know how many people on the trip but we booked nearly a year ago and we're 5th and 6th that far back.

Jon, I am not sure what to do for the best with the snorkelling gear, so have decided to just hire the stuff when I am there. It is something I have never done before and am likely not to do again, that is my thinking anyway.
We need to think about meeting up at the airport on the way out, if you want to. My number is 07821 222296.
Not long now eh !!

Looks like the trip is sold out now so I guess 16 people. I have a 100L duffel bag so will probably throw the fins in. I have a prescription mask which I am obviously taking and bought a new snorkel and long sleeve surf top for sun protection and some insulation.

Taking a 45L packable duffel for the 3 day trek and will probably take my 45L backpack so can carry around snorkelling gear. It is OK for carry on.

Looking forward to it, watched the David Attenborough series on the islands on Sky in 4K which was great.

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