Galapagos Wildlife Trip


Who else is going on this trip? Groups? Individuals? Families?
I'm going with a good friend, Penny.
What have you guys done before?
Would love to have contact before the trip.


12 October departure??
(flight via Amsterdam)

Hi, I'm Ann and I'm going on the 12th October. Flight via Amsterdam. Getting excited about this trip now. Should be on your flight Keren!

Hi Ann
There will be 2 of us - my friend Katherine is also going. If you're going on your own and want to find us at Heathrow let me know and we can work something out. Because of the (really) early morning flight out of LHR, we're staying at the airport the night before :-) Keren

Hi Keren, that would be great, I am also gonna arrive at some time late Sunday for the early flight; nice to not have to be alone all those hours. Don't mind early times from Gatwick as we have mini bus service; but nothing to Heathrow apart from over expensive taxis!

Hi Ann
I don't want to put my tel no, or e-mail address, or surname on a public board. If I tell you where we're staying you should be able to find us through our first names. I reckon our check in will be about 4.30 so we're not going to get much use out of the hotel room but from painful experience, it will be slightly more comfortable than being in the airport.

Hi Keren. Was planning to spend night in airport; don't think I can run to hotel room for the night. Can meet up at check in; will let you know what I'll be wearing nearer the time to make the meet up easier; Shame you can't post pics on here!

OK - we've only got the room because I had some "points" that were about to expire, so I used them for this. We're both brown haired. I will be wearing glasses. We'll probably both be wearing some nice sludgy colours. I'm 5'7 and I think Katherine's about the same, but just a bit smaller. I'll try and make sure I've got something saying Exodus on my rucksack. If we don't find you at check in, then we can all look at again at the gate, but it would at least be nice to have a coffee or something together if we can before we get on the plane. Have you been to South America before?

Hi Keren, should be able to spot you both; quite on the tall side! Yes, I've been to Peru and Bolivia, short trip through Chile/Argentina/Brazil, and to Venezuela. How about you?

Hi Ann - Katherine and I met on a trip to Chile, Bolivia and Peru. It was her first trip to South America, but I've done a few trips there. I've been Venezuela - stilt huts at the side of the Orinoco, then Angel Falls camping, then Los Llanos wetlands area. I would actually do that trip again it was so good. That was my 2nd trip and since then I've just been working my way around - usually inspired by somewhere someone on a trip was talking about :-) I'd also quite like to go back to Brazil - my list never gets any shorter, it just gets longer and longer and longer

Know what you mean Keren. So much to see. Been doing Africa a lot last few years. Love wildlife so its time to see Galapagos now.

Not really done much in Africa - just Egypt and Morocco. I was sort of "saving" doing a proper safari for when I can't face 24 hours of travelling to get somewhere :-) Our room's in the Hilton which is joined onto T4 by a walkway. When you get to the airport, come to the hotel. We're only planning on having something to eat and lolling about. We can leave a message at reception with our room number and maybe you could ask them to ring and we can come and get you. It'll just be a bit more comfy than the airport and you don't have to worry about your luggage. Wouldn't have bothered but I had some points that were going to expire and I had nothing else I wanted to do with them. That's all if you want to, you don't have to :-)

Not long to go now! Anyone else going on this trip? Want to try to sort out optionals in Quito but only got short time there as on the 12 day trip.

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