Gorillas and Masai Mara

Hello everyone. I'm Sue and I'm going to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya on the 7th February. Is there anyone out there who is doing this trip? I'm trying to get everything together, and it would be great to swap ideas. I've read a lot of the reviews, and they have been very useful. Look forward to meeting the rest of the group. The Exodus website is now saying that it's fully booked so I guess there are 18 of us. Sue

Hi sue! My husband and I will
Be travelling on this trip!! Coming up so close, and we definitely do not feel prepared! :/

Hi sue! My husband and I will
Be travelling on this trip!! Coming up so close, and we definitely do not feel prepared! :/

Hello "Anonymous" - you didn't give a name. I'm sorry, but Exodus were supposed to send an email if there were any responses, and they didn't. Hence, I've only just seen your post. No, I'm also nowhere near prepared. I'm looking at my case which supposedly will fit into the locker on the truck, but it looks so small! I think when all the stuff they recommend you take, there won't be any room for clothes. I think I'm taking stuff that I can either throw or give away at the end of the trip - more room for souvenirs I guess. Are you taking a mosquito net? I'm not sure if Exodus provide these, or what size if we have to bring one. I've just had my last jab today, so now I need to make a list of any toiletries/medicines etc, and then sort out clothes. How are you getting on? Sue

I have no clue why my name keeps coming up as anonymous, i can't even change it, my profile shows my name and picture when i log into my account....strange. I am Lyndsey and my husband is James.

I am a little worried as well for how small the lockers are, i had to go exchange the bag i bought for a smaller one yesterday, We are also bringing larger backpacking bags that we can cinch up smaller to use as our carryons and will be putting a lot of stuff into those. The mosquito nets will be set up at all of the camps, i asked our travel agent that a while back, so we are not bringing those with us. We are hoping to be completely packed by the end of today, since we are leaving in about 3 days, It will take us 2 and a half days to actually get to Africa with all of our lay overs and then we are spending some time in Mombasa before we fly to Rwanda to meet up with the group, we then travel to South Africa after that, so we have a lot to pack for(6weeks) and the south africa part of our trip is different kind of clothing as well, so trying to pack stuff that is versatile that we can wear on safari but we can dress it up for going out while we are in SA.

Good luck packing, i know we will need it!!! and we will meet you soon. Too bad there isn't more people on here from our group, its kind hard to find this, i just stumbled upon it.

Hello Lyndsey. You sound like you've got quite a trip coming up. You sound Australian?? Or maybe American. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. I'm hoping to get completely packed early next week so I know exactly what still needs to be bought not quite at the last minute!

Yes it's a shame no one else is posting on this site. It was a bit of a mission initially because of having to register on My Exodus, but after that it seems pretty straight forward. I also ticked at the end of the message that I want them to email me when someone replies - never happened.

I'm getting very excited about this adventure - never camped before, let alone in the jungle - but also nervous. I'm travelling on my own which doesn't bother me, but this is sort of stepping into the unknown. I'm looking forward to meeting you and James, and also the others on the trip. Good luck with everything and see you in just over a week. Sue

Just had a look and found your posts. Thank you for the advice re nets and luggage! I guess i can take some detergent and do some washing to keep my baggage small. Unless the entourage of helpers do it as has happened in the past? I'm on my own as well, hoping that a family of gorillas might adopt me! Neil.

Hello Neil. Good to hear from another traveller on this adventure. Yes, I've been looking at eco soap/washing powder. Might just stick with the soap for me and the washing!! I can't believe that this time next week, we'll be in Rwanda. Looking forward to meeting you, and everyone else. Sue

Good idea! Best add that to my ever increasing list! I think i need a tardis to pack all this stuff in! Looking forward to meeting you also. Neil

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