Gorillas & Masai Mara

Looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic trip and just beginning to wonder who my travelling companions will be for this 18 day adventure.

Think I'm on the same trip as you, departing 30th June?


Yes Anonymous , departing 30th June, From Heathrow in my case to Nairobi. Looks to be a promising safari.

Also departing from Heathrow 30th June! Never visited the continent before, so a little apprehensive but excited nevertheless.

Hi Greg,
I have been to Tunisia some years ago and ventured into the Sahara, but never been down this far before. My late father (40 years older than me) served in Kenya in WW2. He had a number of stores to tell about being chased by Rhino's!

Hi Andy,

Well let's hope there'll be less running from Rhinos!

I was just wondering about visas, will people be buying them on arrival in Kenya, or prior to travelling?

Hi Guys,
I'm really looking forward to this trip, something I've been wanting to so for a long time. Got my East Africa visa, got my injections and counting down the days

Hi Heather

Yes, I am all jabbed up and collect my malaria tablets tomorrow. Really looking forward to meeting everyone at Heathrow.

Should be a great trip, I'm trying out a proper camera on this trip, so if anyone is a budding photographer i'll welcome all suggestions for improving my technique.

Hey guys,

Sorry to be a pest! How did you get your East Africa visas? I was told I could buy them on arrival in Nairobi - I'm hoping this is actually something I can do?


I also read you could get a visa on arrival into each Country but thought it might just save time to get one prior to travel. went to the website for kenya high commission downloaded the appropriate form, filled it in, sent it off and voila an east Africa visa. It really was no trouble.

Must say, being in the month of departure is great, really looking forward to seeing the scenery and the animals.

I'm flying out of Manchester (around the same time as the LHR flight) and connecting onto the group flight at Doha. Seats already picked on the outbound and inbound. Looking to get my yellow fever vaccination this Friday. And I intend to pick up the East African visa on arrival.

Really looking forward to the gorilla treks and balloon over the Masai Mara.

I picked up a DSLR a few years ago, so may be able to provide some pointers!

That all sounds excellent looking forward to seeing you in Doha and always grateful for camera tips.

Hi Way,
Your well ahead of me having your seat booked. But like some of the others I didn't fancy waiting for ages at the end of a long flight to sort out visa. I applied for EAC visa and got it back last week.
Looking forward to gorillas on the mountain, not sure about balloon flight. Done this twice over sunny England, I would highly recommend to anyone who's not been in a balloon. A great experience.
I to have some basic DSLR knowledge so may be able to help Heather.

My hope is that the visa queue wont be too long, given the time we'd be landing. Just out of curiosity, on the Form 22 application form, which box did you check for question 1?

I've been on one balloon flight before: last year over Bagan, which was just breathtaking.

Does anybody have updated group numbers? When I booked, there were 10 of us. And any plans for the day in Nairobi? Suspect we'd have a free afternoon.

I didn't check any of the boxes, crossed them out and wrote East Africa Visa across the top. I haven't done a balloon flight.
Open to suggestions for the day in Nairobi I've been looking at a few things but nothing definite. Will get some details and post to see if anyone else is interested.
I think when we reach Jinja I'm going to go to the source of the white Nile, was considering the rafting but am thinking perhaps not now. There are a couple of options for walks along the way which I'm going to try and do as well. Once in a lifetime trip so want to make the most of every day.

So my picks for the day would be -

1.Elephant orphanage - but we may arrive a little too late to do it as I think the entrance is time controlled so the animals keep to a routine - maybe wrong on that.
2. Giraffe centre.
3. Mamba village


I have been looking at this too, we arrive at 8am if on time. By the time we clear the airport and get to the hotel it will be about 10am. We will probably need to have a coffee break so I cant see us venturing out much before 11am. Elephant Orphanage is 10-11 only, so we can do Giraffe Centre or Mamba Village. There is also a National Museum and the Railway Museum. Suggest we can probably share a taxi together in small groups to visit these places.

When we get to Heathrow and or Doha I suggest we all try to meet in coffee shop once air-side. Everyone welcome to text me on 07976657571 or WhatsApp me at Gorillas& Masai ,

Hi All

Just spotted a typo error in Whats App address. It should read Gorillas & Masai. Not sure how other bit got in!

Seems the adding of 'amp:' is a quirk on this system!!!!!!

Hi Andy,

I think all of that sounds great and as you say we can share taxis once we arrive, the hotel looks to be in a good position not far from the attractions.
I'll text you once I'm airside just for info my mobile is 07771970841

Hi Heather

See you at Heathrow.

Hi guys,

I think meeting airside is a great idea.

My number is 07804692675

I also have Whatsapp Andy if you want to add me to that group?


Hi Greg

See you there. I should be there 12.30 ish.

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