Gorillas & Masai Mara

Looking for some advice on footwear for this trip from anyone has been.

Walking boots or walking shoes?
Do they get completely waterlogged during the walk?
Do they dry out eventually for the rest of the trip?
Anything else to mention?


Hi Ann and Toby,

When are you off on your trip? I have booked onto the reverse trip leaving Heathrow on 29th September and returning on 15th October. I am planning on taking a pair of walking boots as I have read the paths can be very slippy and muddy. I'm also taking a pair of walking shoes (more like trainers) and also a pair of sandals for around the campsites.

Hopefully somebody who has been on the trip before can give us some advice on what is best to take!


We are going the month before (end August), also Reverse.

If no one else replies earlier, I will try and let you know how it was when we get back.

Ok, well have an amazing time, enjoy yourselves! Thank you, I'll look forward to hearing about your trip.

I did this itinerary last year.  I would advise walking boots, the paths can be wet, slippery and muddy.  Do make use of the porters at US$10 for the morning, they are worth their weight in gold.  Don't worry about cleaning and drying your boots at the end of the trek, there is a lovely man who will scrub them clean for you at the hotel.  It is easy to dry out any damp clothing on the truck.

Enjoy the trip, it is an amazing experience.

Not sure when you are travelling in August but I'm also doing this trip leaving UK on 25th August.   I am also debating what footwear to take for the gorilla trek, had settled on taking walking trainers primarily to save some space, but if you hear that these aren't really suitable would be great to hear from you.   Can't wait for the adventure to begin.

Confused by this. I can't carry a heavy bag so will need wheels on a soft bag. Any recommendations?

@Ruth, yes we are leaving on 25th August too.  Reply from @Lesley implies walking boots rather than trainers but I (Toby) am probably going to do the same (take walking trainers) while Ann wants to take walking boots (she often suffers from problems with her ankles).

@Joyce, I am confused by your question.  We are talking about the day of the trek to see gorillas.  We should not be taking any "luggage" that day.  Maybe a small backpack with camera, water, tissues and other necessities but not much more.  And, as per @Lesley, pay a porter for the day to carry that while you concentrate on your own walking.

For the rest of the trip I would personally not be recommending wheels.  We will have to be getting bags in and out of trucks and similar and the wheels may not survive nor be much use in the campsites.

Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully experiencing some amazing sights and new experiences.


Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully experiencing some amazing sights and new experiences.



Some of the people on our trip had soft bags with wheels which actually worked really well as it helped sliding them in and out of the lockers on the truck.  

The porters don't just carry your day pack, they also help you over the slippery areas.  (It is very like Gorillas in the Mist, rainy and very beautiful.)

Have fun.

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