Great Wall of China


Anyone else flying out from LHR on 6th May?

This is my first solo trip but really looking forward to it.


Hi Sue
I am also travelling on my own. I will be arriving from Belfast to Heathrow! Would be great to meet at the airport! This is my third trip with Exodus and I am very excited! Are you doing much training?

Hi Sue, Diane,

I am also travelling on my own although I will be on a BA flight rather than Air China so I think it flies out at a different time. I have not travelled with Exodus before and also really looking forward to it.



Glad I am not the only solo traveller!
I am travelling down to Heathrow from Manchester so can hopefully meet up before.
As for training, I have been doing some but guess I will find it's been no where enough!

Not long to go now! So glad that I am going to have your company. I get to Heathrow about 3pm so tight turnaround! My number is 07746683829 if either of you get a chance to send me a text we can meet at the airport! See you soon! Diane

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