Did the problems with Festival date on the Amritsar-Leh 11 th July departure result in anyone having to cancel or did exodus sort out the problem. We are travelling a day earlier and hoping there will be a few fellow travellers. Originally 7 of us were signed up. The visa problem finally resolved itself today but the web site was awful. Nailsinhead

Hi guys,
Really looking forward to this trip after 5 months volunteering in Nepal. My last trek (Everest Base Camp) was unfortunately interrupted by the earthquakes - such a tragedy for the Nepali people. Definitely in need of some R&R and beautiful scenery. For those who haven't been following the news, there is a heatwave in India which will definitely impact on us in Delhi and Amritsar. Prepare for temperatures over 40C, make sure you have lightweight longsleeved clothing to use until we get to higher altitude (and leave your short-shorts and singlets at home, they won't win you any respect here).

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