Hello all , who’s going on this trip ?

hi, anyone joining me on this cycling trip ?

Departing next Saturday, 9th June? Nope, just you on that one apparently!


Just kidding, I'll be there. Absolutely no idea who else. Think it's fully booked though. Never been on a cycling trip before or any kind of organised holiday come to think of it - I usually travel independently. How about you?


Reckon I'm fit for it. Not cycled for about 7 years until about 7 weeks ago. Done about 600 miles since then. Should be ok?


Staying very near T5 Friday night and I've found what looks like a decent curry house 10mins walk down the road. Let me know if you wanna meet up?

Me and my sister Sue are on the trip - look forward to meeting you Saturday :)



Im Staying at the Hilton Terminal 5 Friday night but wont be there till 8.30 ish. might be to late for a curry ?

I've not been on my bike in 18 months so am expecting a very sore bum ! I do run though and have a couple of marathons under my belt this year and am just back from a high altitude trek in South America so my fitness should be fine.

Very much looking forwrard to meeting everyone , the trip looks excellent and croatia beautiful.

See you all saturday


Hi Dave,


Sounds like you've got the fitness covered then!  As for a sore bum, is it even possible to remain comfortable for the whole week?  I'm fine with the daily mileages but slightly concerned about riding consecutive days.  Sure it'll be fine with the right kit though.  


I'm wondering what the weather's going to be doing - they're still forecasting rain but I think it'll only be isolated showers.  Hopefully refreshing if anything!


I'll be staying at the Thistle, T5 on Friday night.  I was thinking of heading out to eat around 7:00PM.  Don't really want to be going out too late with the early start on Saturday.  MIght be easier just to catch up with everyone on Saturday?


Likewise, look forward to meeting everyone and enjoying what should be some awesome cycling!






Evening all,


I'm currently in Longford village, very near T5. Going for food shortly if anyone happens to be about. If not, look forward to meeting you all tomorrow!





Hi all, just arrived at Jill’s so a lot closer to Heathrow now.  We should be there about 6ish in the morning so see you soon :). Sue

Good stuff - I won't be that early but I will make the flight! See you all tomorrow.

In the lounge at Heathrow, red ‘Charlie brown’ t-shirt on (the stripey on Charlie wears) , if anyone is around come say hello

Can’t afford the lounge so in Starbucks with bike tshirts on :)

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