Anyone booked on this trip?

My name is Karen, travelling solo, flying ot from Birmingham.  Be nice to meet my  fellow travellers 😊

Hi Karen and everyone going on the trip, I understand there are 13 of us booked so far
It's my first experience of solo travelling with Exodus and I'm a bit nervous....... I am flying from Heathrow and have some basic questions:

Wheeled case or ruck sack?
Best mosquito repellent- they really like me

Looking forward to the trip


Morning Annette 😊

Im a little nervous too - but sooo excited! 

I’m planning on taking a wheeled hold-all,  not so bulky as a suitcase but easier to handle than a rucksack I think.  I’m going to try and pack light!  I’ve bought Jungle Formula bug spray as it’s recommend to have something with 50%  deet.  Avon do a moisturising oil spray called skin so soft, original formula, which apparently also repells mossies, so i’ll be packing some of that too!


Hi Karen, I tried the Avon moisturising spray on a trip to Thailand a few years ago after a recommendation but unfortunately it didn't work......

I will definitely be buying the Jungle Formua bug spray 😀

I'm planing on packing light too, can always buy things along the way, Exodus have said there are 13 people booked on the trip so far

Speak again soon



Not long now until we meet in Vietnam! My idea of packing light is proving difficult, I just keep adding 'just in case' items 😀
I'm feeling excited to be somewhere completely different if a bit nervous too....
Sure it will all be fine X

Hi Annette

In my head I’m packing light, but the reality will probably be completely different!  Got to leave room for souvenirs tho’ 😊

Nerves haven’t quite kicked in yet, but I’m sure they will!  Looking forward to new experiences,  new friends and Vietnamese food 😃  

I don’t know if anyone else is on the Birmingham flight, it gets in about an hour after the Heathrow one.   If you want to chat again, feel free - if not, i’ll see you in Hanoi! 🇻🇳

Karen x


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