Hi fellow trekers!

Hi fellow trekers, I'm Kev-just signed up for this trip. I'm going alone so would be nice to here from others on this trip.

Hi Kev and others!  I've just signed up too - great to meet you!  I'm also travelling alone so it would be brill to get acquainted in advance.  Who's excited?!  

Kev - I have a question if you don't mind.  You booked a couple of months ago, right?  Did you get your kitbag yet?  I was just wondering if we're automatically sent one or need to request one separately.  I'd also be keen to know whether you think it's a good bag...

Cheers for now!
Kim x


i'm also doing the EBC trek departing in March. Can I ask which departure date your both on? I'm departing on March 30th and traveling alone. 

Can't wait for the adventure to begin!


Hi Soph!  

Yes - so excited!  I'm actually flying out on March 7th and returning on March 26th, so it looks like we're not on the same trip.  That's a shame!  I'll have to send you a quick message with any tip when I get back! :)


Kim x

Hi Kim,

any top tips on your return would be amazing! In particular about staying warm at night. Are you going to take your own sleeping bag and down jacket? I'm thinking of hiring through exodus but still got a while to decide. If you find any helpful blogs or websites please let me know, I found this the other day with a good section on training.



Soph x

Hi Soph,

Absolutely - I'll make sure I get on the forum as soon as I'm back!  I'll definitely be taking my own sleeping bag as I need to buy a new one anyway.  And I have a down jacket already, this one:


However, I'm currently trying to decide whether it's warm enough for the Himalayas!  Since we're going in March/April, my instinct is that it will actually be OK as temperatures will be on the up... but I will definitely be doing more research, just to be sure :) I also have a waterproof jacket that'll stop the wind, etc.  What do you think?  If I do decide that a warmer jacket is necessary then I'll probably rent one, as I don't know if I'll use it enough after the trip to justify the cost of buying one.  So I would agree with your initital idea to rent from Exodus.  They are just so damn expensive to buy!

Thanks for the link - have bookmarked it, very useful!  I'll let you know which ones I come across!

Cheers for now

Kim x

I'm booked on the Everest and Gokyo Lakes trek departing 7th March - Hi Kim, I think that must be the same trip that you are on?

I've never done a trip like this before so looking forward to it with some trepidation! I guess at 56 I'm likely to be at the older end of the demographic for a trip like this but hopefully I'll be able to keep up! I am quite fit and plan on doing as much as I can to build up to it over the coming months. In fact it will be my 57th birthday on the 23rd March which I think is the last night of the trek back in Lukla so assuming I make it that far I will buy everyone a beer!!


Hi Paul!  Great to be introduced and yes it looks like we'll be on the same trip - look forward to meeting in person!  

I too have never done a trip as difficult and long as this so I share your anxienty.  I will be 31 next March so could be forgiven for taking fitness/endurance for granted, but I am already learning that things aren't quite as easy as they were in my twenties!  So I too need to get training: fortuitously, I'll be spending Christmas near South Wales so I'm planning a few trips up into the hills so I can get used to feeling tired, cold and miserable!

How lovely that you'll have your birthday on the trip - although I think it'll need to be us buying you beer, surely?!  Either way, definitely a goal to look forward to :)

I'm off to have a first look for extra kit this weekend - I'll report back with any gems I find!


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