Hi fellow trekers!

Hi fellow trekers, I'm Kev-just signed up for this trip. I'm going alone so would be nice to here from others on this trip.

Hi Kev and others!  I've just signed up too - great to meet you!  I'm also travelling alone so it would be brill to get acquainted in advance.  Who's excited?!  

Kev - I have a question if you don't mind.  You booked a couple of months ago, right?  Did you get your kitbag yet?  I was just wondering if we're automatically sent one or need to request one separately.  I'd also be keen to know whether you think it's a good bag...

Cheers for now!
Kim x


i'm also doing the EBC trek departing in March. Can I ask which departure date your both on? I'm departing on March 30th and traveling alone. 

Can't wait for the adventure to begin!


Hi Soph!  

Yes - so excited!  I'm actually flying out on March 7th and returning on March 26th, so it looks like we're not on the same trip.  That's a shame!  I'll have to send you a quick message with any tip when I get back! :)


Kim x

Hi Kim,

any top tips on your return would be amazing! In particular about staying warm at night. Are you going to take your own sleeping bag and down jacket? I'm thinking of hiring through exodus but still got a while to decide. If you find any helpful blogs or websites please let me know, I found this the other day with a good section on training.



Soph x

Hi Soph,

Absolutely - I'll make sure I get on the forum as soon as I'm back!  I'll definitely be taking my own sleeping bag as I need to buy a new one anyway.  And I have a down jacket already, this one:


However, I'm currently trying to decide whether it's warm enough for the Himalayas!  Since we're going in March/April, my instinct is that it will actually be OK as temperatures will be on the up... but I will definitely be doing more research, just to be sure :) I also have a waterproof jacket that'll stop the wind, etc.  What do you think?  If I do decide that a warmer jacket is necessary then I'll probably rent one, as I don't know if I'll use it enough after the trip to justify the cost of buying one.  So I would agree with your initital idea to rent from Exodus.  They are just so damn expensive to buy!

Thanks for the link - have bookmarked it, very useful!  I'll let you know which ones I come across!

Cheers for now

Kim x

I'm booked on the Everest and Gokyo Lakes trek departing 7th March - Hi Kim, I think that must be the same trip that you are on?

I've never done a trip like this before so looking forward to it with some trepidation! I guess at 56 I'm likely to be at the older end of the demographic for a trip like this but hopefully I'll be able to keep up! I am quite fit and plan on doing as much as I can to build up to it over the coming months. In fact it will be my 57th birthday on the 23rd March which I think is the last night of the trek back in Lukla so assuming I make it that far I will buy everyone a beer!!


Hi Paul!  Great to be introduced and yes it looks like we'll be on the same trip - look forward to meeting in person!  

I too have never done a trip as difficult and long as this so I share your anxienty.  I will be 31 next March so could be forgiven for taking fitness/endurance for granted, but I am already learning that things aren't quite as easy as they were in my twenties!  So I too need to get training: fortuitously, I'll be spending Christmas near South Wales so I'm planning a few trips up into the hills so I can get used to feeling tired, cold and miserable!

How lovely that you'll have your birthday on the trip - although I think it'll need to be us buying you beer, surely?!  Either way, definitely a goal to look forward to :)

I'm off to have a first look for extra kit this weekend - I'll report back with any gems I find!


Well I'm certainly not going to object if anyone wants to buy me a beer for my birthday! :)

I'm planning on doing a few days in Snowdonia at some point but with Snowdon at about 1000 metres and base camp at over 5000 metres it kind of puts it into perspective!

I've been researching kit as well, I already have quite a lot of the stuff I will need, boots, backpack etc. and like you I have a down jacket that I think should be OK with the right layers beneath it but there are still quite a few things I will need to get (there will be no shortage of ideas to put on my Christmas present list this year!). I'm not keen on the idea of renting a sleeping bag so will probably buy one but haven't decided on which one yet, as someone who feels the cold I want to make sure I get the right one!


Hi Paul, all,

Yes absolutely - it's going to be a very functional Chritmas list isn't it!  It's actually my birthday this Saturday too - so very excited to make a head start on that list. 

One thought, although you might have a different preference: when it comes to sleeping bags, I don't think you can beat Rab.  I'll probably be buying out of the Rab Neutrino (Womens) range, which is pretty light weightwise, and combine it with a silk liner for the colder temps in Nepal.  In my experience Rab has brilliant customer service, and from a few friends in the forces I know that it is the British Army's brand of choice, too.  However if you have any other advice, or favourite brands, it would be great to know!

One question to the floor: what size day pack do you intend to take?  

Cheers for now and have a great day all!
Kim x

Hi Kim, 

i had an 18litre bag I was hoping to use but after doing Snowdon this week and a few days out on the Coastal Path I'm thinking it might be a bit small so interested to see what others thoughts are on this. Also any advI've on best brands for boots? I have a problem with my circulation so need them to be warm and got some thick smart wool socks ready to try them on. I've heard Salomon soles are not very good? Are there any brands you would recommend?



Happy Birthday for Saturday Kim! :)

I have looked at the Rab sleeping bags and they do look good quality so I may end up investing in one of those. As for the day pack most sites I have looked at seem to suggest 25 - 35 litres as a suitable size, I have a 35 litre one so think that should be plenty big enough.

Hi Soph, I can recommend Scarpa boots, they are not the cheapest but the ones I have are definitely the most comfortable walking boots I've ever had.


I Just got a good deal on a Rab Summit 800 sleeping bag, they are £355 on the Rab website but I got one for £199 from here:-


They are rated as -15 C so hopefully it will be warm enough!

Hi all,


I've booked on the March 16th trip, very much looking forward to it!.

Anyone else booked on this date?

Hi Paul, I'm not on the same trip, I'm on the Everest & Gokyo Lakes trip departing on March 7th so perhaps we will pass somewhere along the trail!

It seems to have gone a bit quiet here on the forum but hopefully more people will chime in as we get nearer to the date.

Hi guys!

Sadly Paul R, I am too on the March 7th trip, but echo Paul D's sentiment that hopefully we see you out on the trail!

I've been meaning to get in touch with everyone to ask if you have bought insurance yet?  I need to get on that.  I am going to get a quote from the British Mountaineering Council (as a member I'll get a modest discount) but was wondering if anyone else had any recommendations?

Thank you!  Hope you're all well :)

Kim x

Hi Kim,

I haven't got my insurance yet but was thinking I would probably get it from Exodus (simply for convenience more than anything else!). I think the single trip policy was about £108 but if you find any better deals let me know!


Some advice re keeping warm, as I have done this trek (in Oct/Nov, think temperatures are similar).

Layers of course, you will heat up as you walk.

Down Jacket.

Hat that covers ears, perhaps even a balaclava for when the wind really bites, or at least a buff/scarf.

Warm sleeping bag. I used a "Technicals" 700+ down, upper comfort temp 17 deg C, usual comfort rating 1 to -4, risk rating after -22.

Small hot water bottle, or do as I did, SIGG bottle in a sock (or else it gets too hot to hold from about 1 second after the waters gone in!), in your sleeping bag at night, you will be toasty warm! Get hot water from teahouse kitchen before they close down for the night




Thanks so much June for your brilliant advice!

I need to buy a new sleeping bag for this trip, mostly to get a better warmth-to-weight ratio than I get from my current heavy one.  I have pretty much decided on the Rab Neutrino 400 which has an ideal comfort rating of 2.5C, and a lower comfort limit of -3C.  There is a warmer option, Neutrino 600 (ideal comfort rating -3C, comfort limit -9.5C), which given that we can expect the lowest min temps to be about -10C (does that sound right?) might be a more sensible option.  However, I am planning on dressing warm at night and I'll be using a silk sleeping bag liner which always adds a few degrees of comfort.  The reason I'm keen on the more lightweight sleeping bag is that it'll be a better fit for the sort of trips I'll do in the future (not as cold/alpine as Himalayas) and it's obviously cheaper and lighter.  June - do you think I'd be making a huge mistake going wth the lighter sleeping bag?  Is it worth going with the warmer one?

Would welcome any thoughts from anyone who's got their sleeping bag sorted.

Either way I'm DEFINITELY bringing a container for hot water at night - good shout June!


Kim x

I think you will fine with the 400, especially with a hot water bottle.

Remember, that min of -10 is for outside, inside will be warmer.



Hey everyone, 

First Junee thanks for the reassurance about sleeping bags, I went with the 400 in the end and combined with a liner I'm sure that'll be fine (and lighter too!)

How is everyone else?  I hope I'm not on my own with my sidden realisation post-Christmas that we really don't have long to go!  Lots of excitement and nerves have started to bubble :)

I still don't have everything I need - gadgets sorted but still need to stock up on some thermal base layers.  Question: what's everyone doing layers wise?  I'm taking normal base layers, a fleece layer, down jacket and waterproof.  My friend climed Kilimanjaro and thinks I need one more layer, but the Exodus kit list doesn't recommend it.  It would be another wad of cash to invest in another proper technical layer.  Curious what everyone else is thinking!

Look forward to meeting you all soon!  If anyone's based in London and fancies meeting for a quick intro drink before the trip, I'm game.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)

Kim x

Hi Paul R-I'm on the March 16th trip too. Kev.

Hi Paul R-I'm on the March 16th trip too. Kev.

Glad to hear from another march 16th trekker kev. Where are you flying from

Hi Paul-I'm on the group flight from Heathrow-I always go on the group flight because if there's any problems Exodus sorts it!! Are you on this flight too?

Hi Kev, 

No I'm flying from Manchester as I'm in Yorkshire so much easier for me!.

I'll be training around the peaks over the coming weeks, if you are up this way be sure to give me a shout!.

Thanks Paul but it' a bit of a jaunt for me to come up to Yorkshire so I'll see you in Kathmandu. 

Hello to the March 7th trekkers!  

How many of us are there?  Are we ready?  How's everyone feeling?  


Hi Kim (and everyone else)

  I'm not on your trek unfortunately, I'm on the March 16th departure.However, just for the record, I'm feeling pretty daunted at the moment!! How about you?

Hi Kim, Yes getting frighteningly close now!

According to the website the March 7th trip is fully booked so I assume that means there are 12 of us on the trip? Unless I have missed any posts I think only you and I have posted on the forum so far.

Definitely looking forward to it now. Am I ready? I keep thinking I am then I think of something else to add to the list! I did a trial pack the other day to make sure everything would fit into the kit bag, it was quite a tight fit but managed to get everything in and it was within the weight limit.

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else in a couple of weeks time.


Hi Paul!  

Yes, I keep doing the same - lots of things added to the list over the weekend!  I haven't done a trial pack yet, I need to get on that this week.  Fingers crossed I can pack light! 

Look forward to seeing you soon!


What has everyone done re insurance? has everyone taken Exodus insurance or gone elsewhere? - bank cover etc

Hey Paul, 

I went with Exodus in the end.  I looked into going with the BMC as I'm a member but they were wildly more expensive.  Just a word of warning: the first time I called Exodus to arrange insurance I spoke to somebody who tried to upsell me the more expensive insurance (for trips with Challenge Level 7-10 or similar) just so 'I know I have the best coverage'.  But every aspect of the Everest and Gokyo Lakes trip is covered by the normal insurance (which is Challenge Level 6).  The second time I called Exodus about insurance, I was assisted by a very helpful gent who didn't even mention the more expensive option; he just sold me exactly what I needed to cover the trip :)


I went with Exodus as well. I did shop around a few others first but it seemed as though as soon as you include cover for treking above 5000 meters the price goes up significantly and the Exodus policy seemed to be the best option.

Thanks both!

Hi all

I see from the thread that a few of you are going on the trip leaving 30 March. I just wanted to say hi - look forward to meeting you all. How's everyone doing with preparation? I think I've got all my kit sorted (aside from a few last minute essentials, like Tracker bars). What about training? I had hoped to get on the hills this weekend but the weather has ruled that out. My fitness prep has mainly consisted of gym work thus far. How are you all doing? I booked last May and can't believe its now only just under 4 weeks until we fly.

Best wishes


Hi Andy,

i’m on March 30th departure for EBC. Can’t believe it’s so soon until we leave! Think I’ve sorted most of my kit now. Just got the visa and money to change but intending to do that at Kathmandu airport. Where abouts in the UK are you based? I live in North Devon so have been doing my training on Dartmoor and the South West coastal path. Been testing out my thermals in the snow over the last few days and feeling a bit less anxious about the cold now! 


Hi, is anyone going out on the 27th March? 

Best wishes, Becca 

Good to hear from you. I'm in Stratford-upon-Avon. I've been thinking I'll do the visa before we go as the trip notes say there might be long queues at Kathmandu airport. I've not been able to get out on the hills, but hope to remedy that over the next couple of weeks as my diary starts to clear a bit ;-) I think a trip to Brecon may be a good idea just to check my kit and give myself a confidence boost ahead of the main event. Will you be flying from Heathrow?





Hi Andy,

yes, I am flying from Heathrow as well. I wanted to book onto the Exodus flights for the extra security, just in case. Exciting to get the joining information this afternoon. Do we still have enough time to apply for the visa online? The trip seems to be coming round very quickly now and I keep wondering which bits of kit I’m forgetting!


Hi Sophie

I too wondered about applying online and timescales. May as well queue up and get the visa at Kathmandu - all part of the experience. I'm sure the bus will wait. I've got a good little guidebook that describes what to expect at the airport, which is handy.

Like you, I keep thinking about kit and keep adding things to my shopping list. I was chatting to an Everest Summiteer today who I've known for quite a while - he showed me his photos and gave me a few top tips. Fig rolls, Tracker bars and malt loaf are the snacks of choice, apparently!


Hi Becca, i am going out on 27th of March.

Hi Kristofer, Great to meet you (virtually!). See you in just over two weeks!

Hi Becca.

Great to meet you to! Are you travelling alone?

Hi Kristofer, 

Yes, travelling solo. Looking forward to meeting up with all our fellow trekkers. Are you getting the Visa at the airport or before hand? 

Hi Becca.

We are group of four travelling from Iceland...We already have our visa. What about you?

Hi Kristofer, 

Great to hear news on other fellow trek travellers! Look forward to meeting you all. I'm hoping to get my visa next week in london, and am flying from the UK on the 27th, so we will probably all catch up in kathmandu! 

Hi All,

Just wondered how much money people are thinking of changing into local currency for whilst trekking? From what i've read it looks like the best place to get it chanced could be the airport as ATMs and the hotels do not carry large sums of money to change. Any thoughts or advice would be great.



Hi All,

Just wondered how much money people are thinking of changing into local currency for whilst trekking? From what i've read it looks like the best place to get it chanced could be the airport as ATMs and the hotels do not carry large sums of money to change. Any thoughts or advice would be great.



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