High inca trail 20th august

Hi all

Travelling from London Heathrow on 19th august @22:10 via Sao Paolo , give me a shout if on the same flight. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Anne,

We are on the same trek, but not on the group flights, as we are travelling to Cusco via Bogota @ 22:40 on the 19th from LHR. Did Everest Base Camp last October; so not total trekking novices. This is, however, our first ever trip to S America - so not sure what to expect. Last trainig day tomorrow in The Lake District, so likely to be a tough one !! Both looking forwards to meeting all the group.

David & Jaclyn 

hi David and Jaclyn

i also hike regularly, done highlights of Mont blank few years ago and  walking the great wall in china. a bit nervous about altitude but hopefully it won’t be too bad. Also done 3 Yorkshire peaks few weeks ago so that was also good practice.


Very excited about the trip and seeing everyone. Mindful of the temperature in the evenings as I spoke to someone who done the same trip last year and they were saying that one night it was so cold that they had to wear all of their close. So im making sure to pack plenty of layers and metal bottle to be used as a hot water bottle in the evening.



Hi Anne,

LOL - Great to hear you also know the old water-bottle in the sock trick for those 'chilly' nights. Hopefully we should be OK with the cold, as we are using our 4+ season sleeping bags and down jackets from the Everest BC trek last year; it was around -15oC on a couple of the nights above 5000 Meters - nasty !!! If you are worried about the altitude, I would strongly recommend getting some Diamox; (Acetazolamide), on a private prescription from your doctor. We used it last year, and it made a significant difference above 4K; there is really nothing to be gained from having a head-ache and nausea all week when it can be so easily avoided. But, altitude effects everyone differently - so you may be OK ? Have trained fairly consitantly over the year, and been out most weekends in The Lakes, Scotland, Peak District or N' York's; weather permitting, so should be OK fitness wise. Mosedale Horseshoe tomorrow - a toughy !!!

See you next week.

David & Jaclyn.

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