High Inca Trail

Hi, I am booked onto the High Inca Trail departing at the end of July (26th?). Just thought I would say Hi and see if any previous Peru travellers have any advice or if any fellow travellers would like to say hello. If not, See you in July, I'll be easy to spot as I'll be the slightly worried looking scot trying to get across Heathrow in time for the flight. Katie

Hi there I am going on the one on the 11th July and am really excited. I am rather fortunate as I will be driving down to friends near Heathrow earlier in the day. Its always stressful worrying about getting to airports for flights but I am sure all will be well.

Hi! I'm also doing the trip starting on 11th July. Its the first time that I'll have a trip of this kind and I'm doing it alone so any hello's would be greatly received! :-)


I am a solo traveller as well - but on the 26th July trek - I have been on exodus trips before and I have never really felt like a solo traveller - once the group meets up it normally becomes a functioning unit. Is anyone else going on the trek on the 26th?

My excitement will begin as soon as the bell rings at 12.30pm next Thursday :-D

I'm Jayne and on the same trip as you, also a solo traveller. Are you going on the group flight from Heathrow? If you are perhaps we could meet up at the airport?

I am going on the group flight from Heathrow! I'm definitely for meeting up at the airport! I've not been to Heathrow for years! x

Excellent that would be good. I've just seen your message on the other string of discussion too. Where are you from? Once I check timings etc we can sort something out. I went from Heathrow 3 years ago, last 2 it's been Gatwick.

I'm from Leeds, what about you?

Hi all and especially CarlyW and Jayne :) I am Souri and I am also a solo, first time traveller on the Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest-11th July start from Lima. This is the one with stay in the rainforest followed by the Inca Trail. I read your older posts and I guess you two are on this one too?

I will be flying from Munich to Madrid, but will be on the same flight from Madrid as you guys. It' d be good to know a few fellow travellers...

BTW there is another string of discussion under the filter TPJ (Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest)...and of course i've posted there too.

beginning to think that I am the only one doing the high inca trail flying out on 25th July - wonder if it is too late to change to the 11th :-D have a great time all of you.

Hi folks. I'm doing the TPD trip that includes Inca Trails, Nazca Lines and Lake Titicaca, leaving on the 11th July. Is that the one that some of you are talking about? This is my first Exodus trip and will be travelling alone from Scotland so will be nice to meet up with some of you there hopefully. Clare

Hi Souri, Claire, I'm not doing the same trip as you but we will probably all be flying out on the same flight if you are doing the group flight from Heathrow. Carly are you doing the same trip as me or one of the others? Either way we will all be on the same flight so we could meet up. I'm travelling down from Sheffield. If you are on the same trip as me Carly, I am more than happy to give you a lift back up to Sheffield if you want? For that matter you could have a lift down from Sheffield if you want.
Jayne :)

Hi Jayne, that would be great for both ways! I'm assuming you are on the TPS trip?

Yes Carly, I was going to set off early as it's Saturday and I've just heard there is going to be rail disruption so I thought there may be more cars on the roads. If you want to text or call me we can arrange things 07932782679.

Carly. Just realised that message sounded like leaving early sat morning, I meant to arrive earlier than the minimum advised. :)

Hi Jayne! I've just text you :-)

Katie, you are not alone. Apparently there are three of us booked on 25 th July so a select group. See you there. Nita

Hi Nita, Glad to know there are others on the trip. I am getting really excited and have already been checking out the activities for the "rest days". A colleague just phoned to return my lonely planet guide (she has just got back from Peru) and said the whole place was amazing but especially Cuzco. See you in a couple of weeks.

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