Highlands of Sri Lanka - 19th August


Who's going to Sri Lanka on 19th August?


Hello Helen

We're going to Sri Lanka on 19 August and are really looking forward to it.


hiya, David and I are looking forward to Sri Lanka in August. No idea what to expect, the leach socks sold the look!!! We live in south wales and are going out a week earlier

Hi all. Oh no, I'd forgotten about the leech socks! Better get searching for some! :S

Hello all

Reference leech socks - have you seen them?!  I would really like to know how essential they are - cannot see them being worn in any of the photos.  


I can't see them either!!!

Looking forward to the trip to Sri Lanka.Even after buying leech socks -- I found them on amazon. Hopefully we won't need them.

I've also ordered some off Amazon - not cheap but would rather have them than leeches crawling up my trousers! 

To leech sock or not to leech sock this has been a dilemma!  We have swayed back and forth on this and finally decided to order some via Amazon!  We did wonder if we could buy some in Sri Lanka, but the staff at Exodus did not think this would be possible.  The next decision is walking boots or walking shoes.....!!

Have any of you received joining instructions?  It was mentioned in one of the emails we received that we would be sent final details a couple of weeks prior to departure.

Looking forward to meeting up.



i did receive mine via email a couple weeks ago.

So, just checking the weather forecast, and it looks to be rather rainy. I've got a rain jacket, umbrella, and gaiters, but just wondering if others are taking waterproof trousers? Just can't imagine putting them on in such a hot climate!

I decided against waterproof trousers but I have a long waterproof jacket. 

I decided against waterproof trousers but I have a long waterproof jacket. 

i am doing my final pack and I think the waterproof trousers are going in. Changed my mind.

Hello - I have also been looking at the weather via the BBC, however I have looked at a local website http://meteo.gov.lk and it gives a different story!  We have decided not to take waterproof trousers working on the premise that if we wear shorts our legs will dry quickly.  Last day of work before packing this evening!



thanks all

hmm, not sure whether to run and buy some today. Am also getting paranoid that I'll roast in my normal spring/autumn waterproof jacket  and that I need to get a super lightweight one. I can see this last-minute weather panic getting expensive!

OK have grabbed thin waterproof jacket and trousers that will shove in small stuff sacks to go in my day pack! Phew. See you all soon!

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