Highlights of the Amalfi Coast

I'm very much looking forward to the 'Highlights of the Amalfi Coast' trip 9 May and would be glad to hear from anyone who will be joining me there.

Hi there my name is Susan and I am joining you on the Amalfi Trip.This is my first trip with Exodus,and my first trip as a solo traveller,so a bit apprehensive.I am coming down from the north east of Scotland so I hope there are no delays! I too am keen to hear from any others on the same trip.

Hi Susan, my name is Sam. I've travelled solo many times but this is only my second time with a group and my first with Exodus. I was apprehensive about travelling abroad as a single lady at first (I went to Canada) but now I don't even think about it. I lived in Ayrshire for a wee while so I know what it's like travelling from up there!
Look forward to meeting you; not long to go!!

My name is Mark and I'm coming with you both to the Amalfi coast, I'm really looking forward to it.
You don't need to worry, I've travelled with Exodus as a solo traveller before on the Highlights of Northern India trip. As everyone was in the same boat and of the same we got on really well and had a great time.
The guide we had in India was top notch and really made the holiday, hopefully it will be the same in Italy.
I'm driving down from Huddersfield to Gatwick so I'm going to have a long couple of travelling days!!
Speak to you / see you soon.

Hi Mark, Sam & Susan, I've just recently booked this trip and also looking forward to it. This will be my 2nd Exodus trip. The 1st one was to Cuba 3 years ago and it was amazing + the mix of the group worked well. What's the chances we could all meet before getting on the plane at Gatwick? Janice

Hello all
Have just booked the trip this week and really looking forward to it. Also new to Exodus. I'll be flying down from Edinburgh to connect to Gatwick flight and happy to meet up before the flight out.

Hi there,its Susan here again.I am on the 11 am BA flight from Edinburgh too Caroline if you want to meet up before we board??Happy to meet up in Gatwick as suggested by Janice but not exactly sure where!!

Hi everyone,
Well I don't want to set the tone but we may as well meet in a bar. I know you were all thinking this too but were being too polite to say.
According to the little airport map there's a Wetherspoons to the far right after you go through security. I'm sure they'll have Peroni or a nice Chianti for the more discerning.

A good a place as any, Mark! I believe this is at the North Terminal? I'm travelling by train from Cheltenham. There's engineering works that week so part of the journey will be by replacement bus so after all the faffing of 2/3 buses/trains I'll be in need of a Peroni or two!! Can't wait and I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Sam :)

That sounds like a hellish journey. Beats my 4 hour drive.
Well all being well I'll be in the bar sometime between 12.30 and 1pm You can't miss me! 6'4" shaved head and goatee beard. If by some freakish chance there are two of us I'll have my blue document wallet with me.
See you all soon.

Providing all the faffing links well I should be there 12-12:30. I'm a lot shorter than that (5.3') with long brown hair and glasses. I'll probably be looking very tired as I've just got back from a 2 day business trip to Cumbria and having spent 6 hours on the M5/M6 home! I'll have my 'Exodus' luggage tag on my case!
See you all soon.

Hi Sam, Susan, Mark & Caroline, only one more sleep to go and we are off! I'm travelling by train but compared you guys I'm reasonably close. Good thinking Mark re suggesting Wetherspoons. I'm a bit on the short side like Sam with short brown hair. Hope to meet you all in the pub about 12.30 ish. Look forward to it. Janice

I'm from the U.S. and will meet the group in Geneva. I've never traveled with Exodus or done a solo. Mostly Brits? Say hello if you are on this trip.

Don't think I'm in the right area!

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