Highlights of the Amalfi Coast

Hi everyone,
I have just had my booking confirmed for the Amalfi Coast from the 8th -15th October? This will be my first holiday as a solo traveller and it would be good to hear from anyone else who will be going! I have heard good things about Exodus holidays but this will be my first experience so it would be great to make contact with some of my fellow travellers beforehand.
I look forward to making some new friends in Italy in October.

Hi Caro

This is my first time too doing a trip like this!


Im a 37 year old female from Reading, how about you?

Lovely to hear from you Nicola.....glad I won't be the only first timer....only a few days to go now. I am a young :)) 48 yr old from Bristol. Are you flying from Gatwick on Saturday too??

Hi Caroline

Great to hear from you, its a shame no one else has joined this feed yet! Yes I understand that all the group are on the same flight, I keep checking the weather and wondering what to take!


Yes...i keep checking the weather too and it looks as though it could be a bit mixed. I am going to take wet weather stuff and few layers but also shorts and t shirts, swimming stuff but dufficult to know isn't it. I aim to be at Gatwick 2ish if you fancy meeting up? Do you know if there is any way of checking in online beforehand or do we have to wait until Saturday? Need to start getting sorted this evening I think. Caroline

Yes we have a good baggage allowance so ill be taking all sorts!! I booked my trip through a Travel Councillor so she will be checking me in. Would be great to meet at airport - Why don't you email me on [email protected]


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