Highlights of the Amalfi coast

I am a solo traveller. Been to Italy loads of times but never the Amalfi coast. Very excited. Look forward to hearing from fellow travellers. I live in and will be travelling from London (Gatwick)

Hi Alison!

I have signed up last minute to join this trip and really looking forward to it too. Think it's going to be quite hot - probably a good thing that there were no spaces on the other Amalfi trip which was full-on walking all week, as I might have melted by the end.

Also travelling solo from London and flying from Gatwick.

Also called Alison!

Look forward to meeting you next week,


Sorry - new computer. Not too sure how I managed to post that so many times.....

Hi Alison

Nice to virtually meet you :) I also booked last minute. Yes - it will be hot but I have just spent 3 years living in Dubai so am used to it (and love it actually).

Where are you in London? Wondering about a potential taxi share to Gatwick?

Can't wait for this trip. Have wanted to go to the Amalfi coast for years!


Hi again Alison! 

I'm in Beckenham, SE London. Strictly speaking Kent but also counts as greater London.  It's really easy for me to get to Gatwick on tram + train, only takes about 45mins , quicker than driving so I'll probably pass on the taxi share , but thanks  for asking.

Glad someone will be enjoying the high temps :-) 

Look forward to meeting you next week,


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