Highlights of China - 6 Sept 14 start

No one has posted yet for this trip so shall I get things going?
Kate and I are very much looking forward to the trip in just over a months time. We are travelling via Newcastle and Amsterdam so I guess we are unlikely to meet any of you until we get to Beijing.
We are also looking forward to meeting our fellow travellers as your company is just as important to a good trip as the itinerary!
See you soon

Hi Nick (and Kate),
Just under a month to go now and I am looking forward to the trip and meeting my fellow travellers too! See you in Beijing.
Kind regards,

Hiya Nick, Kate and Lesley,

I'm a solo traveller and travelling from Heathrow and really looking forward to the trip, just had a jab today the only one that had ran out so a sore arm.

Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying the trip together.

See you all soon

Hi everybody

I'm a late addition to the group, and am also a single traveller.

Still lots to organise, but looking forward to meeting you all in Beijing.


So that's at least 5 of us!
Anyone know how big the group is?
Suppose I could ring Exodus but that's not as much fun as finding out this way.
Just going through the itinerary again with the aid of Google - looks great doesn't it!
See you all very soon
Nick and Kate

Hiya Dean,

Look forward to meeting you.


There will be at least 6 of us, I have ordered a book which homefully will come today so a bit of reading on the plane and when we arew travelling feel free to borrow book whilst we are out there.
I've had a look at our first and last hotels they look amazing.

See you saturday

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