Highlights of Madagascar


Hello to fellow travellers


Hi Di,

looking forward to meeting you and fellow travellers.

Would be great to meet up with some of my fellow travellers at Nairobi airport during the 7 hour transfer time .. anyone up for that?

hi i would like to meet in Niarobi. I thought i would carry a book about Madagasca and someone was bound to notice and hopefully approach me.

Hi Linda, great, and look forward to connecting in Nairobi.  Was just looking at possibility of getting into Aspire Lounge so that at least we would have a seat ..

Apparently very little seating in the airport - Aspire looks better than only other one in T1. Payment is at the door if room, so we could decide then ..

Hi Prue and Linda,

Sounds good to me, I hadn't even realised we had 7 hours there! Should be plenty of time to find each other. I wear blue framed glasses and will try to have my guide book on display. Looking forward to meeting you.

I've put a picture on my profile

I've put a picture on my profile

I've put a picture on my profile

Hi Di, I've copied your example and put pic on my profile too - I wear glasses, not sure what colour yet (my daughter is my optician so I have several!). I'm short, 5ft ..

Hi all - looking forward to the trp though not to the stopover - 7 hours is going to be tedious. Has anyone had any tickets/joining instructions yet?

Hi Paula, no tickets needed and yes have had my Final Joining Instructions by email dated 17 August so you should have had those too. Check emails from [email protected] 

hhmmm - I definately haven't received anything from customerops - they are set up so go into mailbox not junk and last one I had was 27th July - will give them a chase - thanks for the update

Linda/Di/Paula - just went into this site re pre-booking Aspire Lounge, which is only for 3 hours but can book 2 sessions if required according to girl I spoke to on live chat  https://www.executivelounges.com/airport-lounges/jomo-kenyatta-nairobi-a... - complimentary food & drink there. Worth doing?


The Aspire lounge sounds good - shouldn't think Nairobi airport will be a huge shopping mall like Dubai! I've received my joining instructions, which is the only airline ticket needed as I understand it. I've enquired about obtaining the visa and apparently we get that on arrival in Madagascar.

For booking Aspire online (£23.31 for 3 hours) .. then the time you enter for your flight is the end of the 3 hour timeslot so if we want to do this then possibly would suggest going for 0630-0930 and if so then we should enter 0930 as our flight time. That would then allow for late arrival and time to find each other. What do you think, and who is up for it? Yes visa on arrival, payable either in Euros or Dollars and they probably don't give change!

Hi girls! I've just booked for the 3 hour slot from 6.30am to 9.30am in the Aspire lounge at Jomo Kenyatta. Looking forward to seeing you then, if not before.

Di, unfortunately I assumed you would be on my trip which departed London 9 September so I'm already in Madagascar and was very confused why no-one  by your name wasn't in the group! Seen many lemurs .. very very hot here. At the beach for 2 more nights so loving the sea. Have fun!

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