Highlights of Morocco - May 4-18th, 2014

Hello fellow travelers!
My name is Martie, I live in Dallas, Texas and would love to talk to any other travelers going on this trip.

Hi Marti, I live in the U.K. but I will be going on the trip and look forward to meeting you. I am especially looking forward to visiting Volubilis and seeing the mosaics there. Pam

Hello Pamwd,
Nice to hear from a fellow traveler. I'm curious, what type of shoes are you planning to pack? Girls and their shoes, right? Yes, I'm a lady with a packing dilemma.


I'm getting super excited about this wonderful trip, here in Dallas, Texas!
I've got my athletic shoes, hiking boots and flats ready to put in luggage. I like to be ready for any and all activities :)
-Any suggestions from any fellow travelers on this trip?
If you care to facebook me, I'm Martie McNamara, lives in Dallas, Texas.

Hi Martie,
Have you checked the Destinations page, because the trek is only 2 hours long and someone said that good walking trainers would be enough. This will save the weight of hiking boots. I am one year older today! In light of that I think I might be a wuzz and duck the trek. The trek is across sand, so shoes that you can walk in in sand should be enough.

Hello Pam,
Happy Birthday to you!
Thanks for information :)

I'm looking forward to the trek across the sand dunes! I workout hard daily to be able to enjoy all activities.
Now the camel ride is a scary thought to me, but I'm sure it'll go well.

Hi Martie,
My only workout is walking my son's dog, as the family have gone away and left me with him. I think I'll manage the camel ride - somehow! See you soon.

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