Highlights of Turkey


If you are taking the August 27th tour, I have to say I like the changes.
I'm a single traveller flying into Istanbul a few days earlier. Is anyone else? Maybe catch up before the tour?
As a seasoned & expedition traveller I feel totally comfortable travelling in Turkey at this time, and hope you do too.

I know there was 14 of us and now down to 6-8 but I hope anyone thinking of joining this tour has second thoughts...DON'T. Exodus has done everything on their and our behalf to make sure that our safety is paramount.


Hi latitude!
Thank you so much for posting. I too am on this trip but still apprehensive. Everyone keeps telling me not to go but i haven't cancelled yet! I keep checking the news and waiting for something to happen to sway my decision.
I arrive in istanbul on 24 august. Happy to catch up before the tour!


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