Hiking the Inca Trail

Hi all,  just looking to get in touch with fellow travelers going on the Inca Trail trip starting in Cusco on the 31st August.  Really looking forward to it!! Paul :)

Hi Paul,

I'm on the Inca Trail trip, and flying into Cusco on Aug 31, but not starting the Inca Trail until Sep 2. Is that the same as you?

Are you doing any add ons? I'm going on to Lake Titicaca.

Looking forward to it!



Hi Al,

Good to hear from you! Yes we're on the same trip setting out on the Inca Trail on the 2nd September after an afternoon / evening arrival on the 31st and a free day on the 1st to explore Cusco. Are you on the group flight out? (Flight AV121 from Heathrow?)

I'm not doing any of the add-ons though I was very tempted by them. Lake Titicaca looks like a great add-on to do.

I'm also looking forward to it - this is the first trip of it's kind for me.

Cheers, Paul


Yes, I'm on the same flight from London. Beer at Heathrow?

It'll be my first trip like this I've done as well.

Hope you've been training for it! I've been hard at it, in the Brecon Beacons!



Hi, yes lets definitly have that beer.

The Brecon Beaons eh..., very nice. I'm in Cheltenham so I have the Cotswolds to ramble around in, but I have to be honest that I haven't been training nearly enough and am only just starting to step it up.  

I try to travel as much as possible but this is my first actual trek...I've picked a nice easy one to start with obviously lol!

Just got back from Rome a few days ago (ticking off my first wonder of the world - I'm on a bit of a mission there), and must work off that pizza and gelato!


Hi Al, hope you're well?

How's the training going, still hard at it? I'm into the swing of things now, getting loads of walking in (particularly steep hills!). Not long now! :)

Hi Paul, I've just paid the balance on my account, apparently there are 13 of us on the Inca trip, 6 males, and 7 females, in there 20's up to me, the oldest! I'm the only one on doing my extension though.

May be some more will join in this!

I've been out in Crete for a couple of months, but now back in UK, although have had lots going on, so not been able to train as much.

Looking forward to it though!



Hi Al, good to hear from you, hope you enjoyed Crete!

Ahh ok, 13 now...we must have had one drop out then. Haha, age is just a number, that's what I keep telling myself anyway lol.

As you say, maybe some others will join in with this.

I've been having all my jabs (which I was woefully out of date with),  I feel like a pin cushion at the moment! I've been doing a fair amount of hill walking over the last few weeks, and I'm planning to climb Snowden on the weekend of the 11th August. Never been there before so looking forward to that and it'll be good training at just the right time!



Hi Al,....plus anyone else on the same trip?!

Hope everyone is well and is starting to get excited! If anyone on our trip wants to get it touch via text / WhatsApp to discuss any preperations we're doing, I can be reached on 07831 604305.  It'd be good to hear from everyone (and I have a few questions of my own). 

And the ever present Al - get in touch mate and we'll arrange that meet-up at Heathrow etc.

Paul :)

Paul, Al;

I recently switched my trip around and I'm on the same flight out, however am not on the Inca trail trip. I'm doing the moonstone trek . Seems like you've been getting some training in, I've been doing bits as and when, but definitely up for the beer in at LHR. 

Hi Julian, 

The Moonstone Trek has good reviews, hope you have a great time on it! Yeah definitely meet up at Heathrow for a drink, all are welcome :)


Just bumping this up for Lyn / others


Hi Al, Julian, and Lyn

We have another from our flights / trip who's been in touch (Lyn), she replied to my other post. I should have kept it at one and not confused people lol.

Hopefully she'll find her way here.

I‘ve had a quick look and there’s a pub called The London’s Pride in Terminal 2 which seems like our best bet for a meet up unless anyone has a better / easier suggestion? I'm not familiar with Heathrow so it was just a quick search on the internet.

Paul :)

hi everyone, yes I found you.

To make you all feel good; I live in London so no where to hike. Did Snowden last year & just hope my dog walking is enough to get me through. There’s no where in this country to prepare for walking over 4000 metres up anyway.

see you in the pub, mines a orange juice 😉


Great stuff Paul,  sounds as good as any place. See you all there. 

Last bits of purchasing and last minute phys now!

Great stuff Paul,  sounds as good as any place. See you all there. 

Last bits of purchasing and last minute phys now!

Hi everyone, hope you're all (almost) ready and excited! This time next week we'll be there!

I'm aiming to get to Heathrow around 7pm, if train and bus connections go smoothly, but a little spare time if necessary.

I'll go to the London's Pride, and hope to meet some of you there.

Just a final pack, or two, and I'm ready!

Good luck,  Al

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