How to keep in touch while in vacation

We are wondering how to keep in touch while in camping in Namibia?
I read a post about paying a cell phone at the airport. We are trying to find a way to keep in touch with our children in Canada.

Where can I find "what to pack" for this trip?

Thank you!

I'm travelling to Namibia in Nov as well - depart UK 1st November - trip code AZN; so wondered if you were on the same one?

Anyway - it should be relatively easy to pickup a local SIM at airport or anywhere along the way; Exodus group leaders are excellent and they'll be able to help you with finding the best place to get one. That said there are numerous companies like GoSIM who offer sim cards that can be used internationally and avoid most of the roaming charges (can be bought in advance of travel, so cuts down on hassle). It's worth googling as there are quite a lot of options.

In terms of packing, the trip notes should give some guidance. I've only travelled in East Africa, so still trying to work out my own packing requirements (which I suspect will be the same old trekking kit I take everywhere)

As I understand it November can be hot - so light clothing is a must, it's generally dry but there is an increasing chance of rain toward mid/end of month (I spoke to a South African friend who advised me not to worry too much about rain, but be prepared for it to be very hot).

Hope this helps!


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