This is my first solo trip so it would nice to hear from others who are booked on this trip. Becky

Hi Becky! Which September departure are you on? I'm on the trip which departs 12/13 Sept. Really looking forward to it! But I reckon it will be pretty full-on - a lot of ground to cover and not much time for chilling out! Very excited though! Janet

Hi Becky - I'm booked on the trip departing 12 September - is it the same one you're on? I'm really looking forward to it. [Btw: I have tried a couple of times to post a reply to you but days later my posts hasn't appeared online - I know Exodus have had huge problems with their website - used to be a lot more user-friendly, then they had an "upgrade"!] Looking forward to meeting you!

Some interesting stuff on iPlayer about China at the moment: I just caught the end on TV last night of Andrew Graham-Dixon's "Art in China" (had a bit about the terracotta warriors in Xi'an) - aiming to catch up from the beginning on iPlayer when I've a mo. Also "Wild China" is being repeated and is still available on iPlayer. Such a vast and fascinating country - VERY much looking forward to our trip.

Hi Janet, I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I did not receive any notifications about your message. Its good to hear from you. This is my first solo trip to I am a tad nervous!! lol. I think I am all set. Sent off for my visa last week and have booked my coach from Milton Keynes to the airport. It was cheaper than taking my car and paying car parking. Where are you travelling from? Is this your first trip with Exodus? hopefully you will get this message. talk soon Becky

Happy days I now have my visa. It only took 7 working days to get it back after posting it. Janet hope your plans are going well. Becky :-)

Hi Becky & Janet (and everyone else in the group)

I have done several trips in the past with exodus as a solo traveller.

First time I have used the community chat facility.

I won't be on the group flight as I am heading to Beijing a few days earlier to meet up with a few Chinese friends. So the first time we will meet will be at our hotel in Beijing.

This is my first trip to China and I am very excited. I am also hoping to meet up with a friend in Chengdu and Shanghai as well as Beijing. We were all at university together last year (I was a mature student).

A friend did this same trip a few years ago and recommended.

Currently living in Lancaster, UK

Kind regards


Hi Stephen. The community chat in relation to this trip has been very quiet so I'm pleased to have got your message. I think Janet had also been on previous trips with exodus and is also a solo traveller. I look forward to meeting you in Beijing. Becky

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence. Bit of a problem with my Exodus account.

I'm not on the Group flight, but on one which arrives in Beijing a couple of hours earlier. Really looking forward to it (just the usual challenges of trying to leave my desk in a reasonable state for those who'll have to deal with it while I'm away!).

My main dilemma at the moment is what to take - have no idea about the climate / weather. Have looked at the seasonal averages (which gave me the idea it might be cooler), and the BBC weather reports (which seem hot and wet), but we're covering so much ground I'm finding it hard to know what to take. Oh well.

Have also tried learning a few words in Mandarin on the way to work. Not my greatest ever success, I must admit! ;-) I can count to ten and order a beer and some noodles! Job done!

Very excited now, and looking forward to meeting you all.
See you Saturday.

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