Inca Trail 1 - 10 Jun

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd get the ball rolling for this trip. Give me a shout if you book onto it and want to chat beforehand. Any tips/pointers? I'm travelling solo from Gatwick via Madrid rather than the included flights.


Hi Kate

I have just booked onto this trip also and am on the group flight from Heathrow.
I have no helpful hints to give you I'm afraid, as this is the first adventure of this kind that I will have done! I am really looking forward to it, but also trying to be as prepared as possible for the physical exertion!!

Look forward to meeting you.


Hi guys,

I'm also booked onto this trip, I'm flying from London independently so have around a week left in Peru after the trek to see a bit more of the country. My plan is to do lots of hiking beforehand (hopefully including a trip up Snowdon!), but this is easier said than done...

Hi everyone,
I'm booked on this trip, flying solo from Gatwick and overnighting in Lima. It's the first time I've done anything like this, so feeling a bit apprehensive, particularly about being fit enough and being affected by the altitude, but really looking forward to it!

Hi all Im flying solo on the group booking on the 1st June from Heathrow too. Getting the train down from Cumbria that morning getting excited now. Stressing about all the flights the mostly LOL. Never changed flights before so we shall see how I go. See you all soon x if anybody fancies meeting up at Heathrows bar give me a shout

Only a few weeks to go now till the trip. Very exciting! I'm flying from Gatwick at about 5pm on 1st if anyone (Eleanor?) is likely to be around? Taking the scenic route via Madrid :-)

Hi Jemma
Are you on the 10.10pm flight from Heathrow???

Hi guys - thought I'd log in and join this thang !!! I'm flying from Heathrow on the 22:10 flight !! Be good to meet up and chat about the impending trip :-)

My flight's around 1pm on the 1st Kate, so don't think we'll be there at the same time. Are you flying into Lima? I'll be staying overnight then catching the 10.20 flight to Cuzco in the morning, if you'll be around then?

Looks like we are all on the same flight, would be great if we all could meet up at Heathrow and break the ice.

I'm also flying solo on the 22.10 group flight from Heathrow. Let's arrange to meet at the airport beforehand?

Good idea guys
Before or after check in ?
Might be able to get seats near or together if we meet before??

Sounds like a plan!
How about 8pm by the check in desks ??

Sounds great to meet up.

Do we not need to check in 3 hours before the flight??

Is it going to be a red carnation in your left lapel experience lol

Ha ha ha
Excellent !!! red carnation it is :-)
Ooh - I'll check the timings, it's usually a 2 hr thang !!??

Kind of wish I'd got on the group flight now! I'm flying on 31st, via Amsterdam, then spending the night of the 1st in Lima and flying to Cusco on 1st. I'm guessing we all meet on the 2nd?

If any London-based people fancy meeting up before leaving then let me know! Also is anyone staying on after the trek? I'm thinking of going down to Lake Titicaca for a few days afterwards.

Not long now!! I'm doing a final packing list check this wknd - make sure I haven't forgotten anything important, then the countdown is on!!!
My flight conf recommends check in 3hrs prior. How does that fit with both your travel plans if we were to meet at Heathrow at 7pm?

Iain, Nic and Jemma - I am also joining the trip from Heathrow and would be great if I could join you at the check-in (is red carnation still required :) ) Are you still meeting up?

Hi all, Anne and I are flying down from Edinburgh to Heathrow and we are also on the 22:10 flight.
We land at T5 at 18:50 so by time we transfer to T3 - 8pm should work for us as it would be good to meet up

Hi All, Anne and I are flying from Edinburgh to Heathrow - we land T5 ay 1850 so by time we transfer to T3 meeting up at 8pm at check in desks should be good - I shall look out for anyone wearing red carnation !

Hi all, my confirmation also recommends 3 hours so 7pm is good for me. I will be there properly earlier as my train gets in to Euston at 4.10 pm

Oh Nic, I'm the same as you and am happy with a 7pm check-in. I appreciate that Anne and Ian won't be there until 8pm but I'll be more relaxed knowing my bags are all checked in and I'm sorted!!
So...I'll be waving my exodus confirmation about by check in from 7pm to meet with anyone at that time, and then hopefully we can all get together after security before boarding?

9 sleeps to go !!!! :-)
Yup I'm pretty much all packed up too !!!
7 PM by the check in it is then :-)
We can discuss flower identity nearer the time as I think my carnation will have wilted by then !!!

Jemma, Nic, I will at check in for 7pm as I am not going through Edinburgh :) Waiving Exodus papers and showing off flashy green baggage tag - looking forward to seeing you all there!

Hi All I don't have a flashy Green Bag Tag ( booked via a 3rd party) But I will be using my Black Osprey Rucksack as hand luggage and I have short blonde and Pink Hair. I will also be wearing or tied around my waist a green Paramo huddy. Looking forward to meeting you all

2 sleeps to go !!!!!!
Driving down from Notts & will probably arrive early-ish.
I'll wait by the check in desk or the nearest coffee shop before it opens for a brew ??. I'll have a blue and grey berghaus mule bag avec Le exodus tag and a black mammut day sack - feeling a bit excited !!! Never been to South America !!!

So excited - just one more sleep and we are off! See you at Heathrow; will be wearing bright red day bag so hopefully we can spot each other

Well, it looks like I'm the only one travelling on my flight so I guess I'll see you all there. V excited now. Safe trip :-)

Arrived and checked in at Heathrow - grabbing a bite of food (in The bridge) before the main journey begins !
We are seated in row 29 & 30 !

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