The Inca Trail

Hello, Is anyone else going on this trip and departing from Gatwick on 20th August?


Yes, I'll be going on that trip. Looking forward to it.


I will be leaving from Gatwick as well.
Not long to go now!


Counting the days now. Look forward to meeting you at Gatwick. I'm considering booking into one of the airport lounges, just so it's hopefully a bit more relaxed.

I am leaving from Gatwich too. looking forward to it as well

Hi all

I too will be flying from Gatwick. Also thinking about booking into a lounge as I know from experience that they're better than just hanging about, especially as it's going to be a very long day!


Looking forward to meeting you all. I'm a mix of nerves and excitement as I've never done anything like this before! I am booked into the aspire lounge.

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