Inca Trail 16th August 2017

Hi Everyone

Just a quick post to see whether anyone else on here is doing the Inca Trail trek (departing from the UK on the 16th August 2017).

I am EXTREMELY excited about this challenge, although somewhat concerned with how my body will deal with the altitude. Would be good to share preparation tips etc before we go (i.e. I have already been out on the New Forest to practice walking with my sticks, and am taking the stairs at every opportunity) :)


Hi Rachel, I'm going on the Inca Trail trip on the 16th. I am departing from Dublin so will hopefully catch up with everyone in Cuzco. I am really excited about the trip too and can't believe I am finally doing it :) I would love to see if there are any other people starting this trip in Dublin. I have started walking and strengthening exercises for legs/knees as I heard it can be a bit tough!

Hi Linda - so pleased to see your comment ... was starting to wonder whether I may truly be doing the Inca Trail solo! I agree, that it would be great to find out who else is doing this trip, and where they are coming from. Have you done anything like this before? Or are you a first-timer like me?

Even though you are coming from Dublin, we may actually find that we meet before Cuzco i.e. flights JJ8066 or LA2043?

Haha well at least we know there will be at least two of us doing it! I am a first timer too :) I've always wanted to go, so this year decided why wait! I'm hoping to get vaccinations sorted in the next few weeks so it's all becoming quite real now.
Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be on the same flight. I'm flying via Atlanta and arrive in after 6am on the 17th.

Hi Linda & Rachel
I am also on this trip with my daughter Claire,so that makes 4. We are from Shropshire and are flying from Heathrow. Our flights from Sao Paulo to Lima and then to Cuzco are the same as yours Rachel.
We are also first timers and have the same concerns as both of you, but we are very excited, Still seem like a dream can not believe in 10 week we will be one our way.
We have been building up our fitness with a range of different activity. At Christmas I registered to take part in the Walk to walk moon walk in Scotland on the 10th June. The walk is 26 mile through the night. I thought this might help with the Inca trail but not too sure now. ha ha
Will get Claire to post
Looking forward to meeting you both.

Hi Judith
Great to hear there are currently 4 of us in total. I am also glyong gro. Heathrow :). It sounds like you are very prepared with your training (pretty sure I couldn't walk that far). My walks are only usually 7 miles (but it's not very hilly in Hampshire), and I haven't had an opportunity to walk on consecutive days ... so think i may be at the back of our group!

Looking forward to meeting you and Claire ☺

Anyone doing the TPD Peru trip departing on 18 August? We are a group of 8.

I'm part of the group with Bev. We're flying out from Gatwick with BA on 18 Aug doing Nazca and Lake Titicaca and the trek to Machu Picchu

Hi Judith,
Great to hear from another person doing the trip. Sounds like you are both getting some great leg work in! My cousin is also doing the Moon walk - sounds wonderful although quite a trek. Best of luck with it! Machu Picchu will be a breeze for you afterwards ;-)

Hi Ladies,
I am also on the trip 16th August and flying from Heathrow. Getting quite nervous now about my fitness level so hoping to get some good training in as ive never done anything like this before. Might be keeping you company at the back Rachel!! :)

Welcome Jennalex
The Moon walk was great fun but a challenge.
Linda did your cousin enjoy it.
Judith xxx

Hi I'm an incompetent Forum user so as ever can't figure how to put my name to post. I've just found the forum and am deeply relieved to hear a few folk are flying out same time as me. I hope to see you at airport. Departure lounge if not earlier. I'm anxious about altitude sickness as have experienced once before. I'm thrilled to be adventuring to Machu Pichu.

Hi Guys,

I am just getting my kit list sorted. Is everyone taking full water proofs? Also not sure if hiring a sleeping bag or if to buy one. Would be keen to see what others are doing? Jenn x

HI jennalex, I am just taking a waterproof coat (although I may live to regret this decision). As I'm wearing walking leggings , rather than trousers, I figure/hope they will dry quickly if we do get caught in a down pour. I've bought my own sleeping bag - so I know what size/weight it will be.

Hi I am also flying from London Heathrow and have concerns about altitude as have had altitude sickness in the past on a trek. I am bringing lightweiht waterproofs coat and trousers although am hoping that August is a dryer of the months I won't need them. I am concerned about the cold! I have a 3 seasons sleeping bag so hope that will work plus lots of layers, it has been hot hot in London so hard to imagine cold!! Also thinking about toilet roll and basics like that, how to recharge camera etc but have a light weight charger that should work for phone camera if the other one goes flat! hope to be able to recognise Exodus travellers in the departure lounge. Not many hill round me so have gone for regular daily walking and interspersed with distance and jogging on the basis as every little helps! Janet 

Hi All,

I'll be doing the Moonstone Trek that starts on the 17th August so I think I'm with you all on the first and last parts of the trip. I'm also going from London but will be travelling a couple of weeks earlier to travel around Peru before the trek. It's my first trip of this kind and also concerned about the altitude and my level of fitness too :( But everyone who has done Machu Picchu have all said it was OK and not to worry. I think I'm going to hire a sleeping bag and walking poles there to lighten the load as I be travelling beforehand. Can't wait to see you all there!


Hi Janet,

I have been told that taking Ginko Biloba will help with altitude so I am going to give it a try. Do we need to pack loo roll? I am writing a final list but I bet I miss things! I have also injured my knee so am having to rest up for a week which is a worry as I want to be out walking. :)

Hi All,

Judith - my cousin loved the Moon Walk and said she would do it again.  I might join her if I finish this trip!

Jennalex - I hope your knee improves.  I hurt my knee last year and although it is back to full health (I think ;-)) I'm still going to bring my knee strap. 

Re toilet roll, I think I am going to bring a small pack.  Can't hurt I guess.  I'm bringing my own sleeping bag too Rachel as I know the weight of it.  Is anyone bringing an air mat or just using what's provided?  They say they provide 4cm thick air mattress so that should be okay. 

I bought a power bank to take with me to recharge my phone as I will be using phone and a camera for pictures.  I've ordered another battery for the camera so hopefully i'll be all set.

I will be arriving very early on the Thursday so must check with exodus regarding transfers. 

4 weeks and counting!!!!

We are very giddy today, Claire and I picked up our peruvian currency.            We went to a friends house last night who has been on this trip with exodus to watch a TV programme on the discovery of Machu Picchu and her photos, It looked amazing. I have started buying bits, the pile is getting larger and larger,  I was in boots for hours. Claire can not believe I have got paper knickers ha ha.  We are going to hire our sleeping bags and go with their mats. I have read that a poncho is a good idea, quick to put on and off and they sell them in cusco. So I may buy one. 

Jennalex - hope you knee is getting better

See you all soon Judith 



Hi Guys,

Im getting excited and nervous now - not long to go!! It is also my 40th birthday on the trek so its a bit of a milestone for me.

Judith - you have paper knickers?? :) :) That has made me laugh! I also have a mountain of stuff I've bought - will need to keep checking the pack weight.

My knee is getting better so I'm hoping to be back out walking this weekend.

See you soon!!!

Good morning all, Claire here (Judith's daughter).

I've locked myself in the bathroom whilst my three children cause some chaos in the house so I can get chance to say hello ;) Just two weeks to go and so far I have walking poles, a hat and a poncho... so all the essentials haha! I shall not be packing paper knickers unlike my mum. Just imagine it, top of dead woman's pass, standing in silence, in awe, the tranquility, silence shattered only by the calls on the condor soaring above and then.... rustle rustle rustle... we all turn to see my mum moving slightly and hear her paper knickers. I've told her it's crazy, she thinks I'll regret carrying my 0.5gram dirty knickers in a well-sealed sandwich bag.

I am going shopping this weekend for a few things but intend to walk mostly in my running gear. Have two weeks now to really get my healthy eating back on track and will just be doing some short runs rather than anything too crazy. I have a dodgy left knee that kicks in walking downhill but nothing a tube of ibuprofen gel won't fix. I've done some training, nothing major. My friends and I did the three peaks over three days early June. I have done a couple of mud runs too this year but that's completely different To hiking. My biggest concern, like everyone's i expect is the altitude. I've been informed if you think about it it's worse and you change your breathino etc so best to not think about it and just let it hit you if it's going to. 


Right kids are shouting muuuuum muuuum so I should dash. See you all soon, happy packing


Claire x 

I sealed sealed sandwich bag 😂

hi I wondered if I might recognise any of you at Heathrow with a view to navigating the transfers in Brazil and Lima. Will anyone have a discreet Exodus sign????? I am at the excited but eek place today! Janet

Hi Janet,

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we should arrange to meet up once we are through to departures somewhere? 

Hi Janet,

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we should arrange to meet up once we are through to departures somewhere? 

I wish I had travelled via Heathrow now!  I won't see you guys until the hotel I guess - I'll be the exhausted lady stretched out on a couch in reception as landing at 6.30am so feel free to give me a nudge and say hi ;-)   I am at the excited and eek stage too.  Are you all picking up your luggage in Lima to put it through security again?  Are you all bringing your exodus kit bags?  


Is the birthdY celebratory drink before or after the Trail?!

i am happy to meet in departures I'll have my phone on andcan give my number to you if that would work? On this site.

I am bringing my Exodus bag as seems easy to identify even if there a few of them. I'm renting my sleeping bag from them there. Not sure about weight but am not thinking style holiday!! Sadly I can't bear paper knickers! Decisions decisions!

Ha - I think I had better save the birthday drink until the end else I have no chance of making it up those steps! I'm also bringing my kit bag, just seems the easiest option. It says in the notes to pick up luggage at Lima and check it back in so I will go with that. Just need to get a cheap hold-all to leave the stuff I don't need on the trek at the hotel. We could meet at one of the coffee shops, or I think it's about £20 to book into the club lounge if we fancy travelling in style! X

Happy to say hi to everyone at the gates.  My pics on here (so hopefully you'll be able to recognise me, and I will be wearing or carrying a blue hoodie.  Getting very excited/anxious now!!

I found out on Monday that my waterproof coat is no longer waterproof - so I have thankfully had time to go and purchase a new one.  I am going to take the kit bag with me, but I am packing everything into a regular suitcase for the fight (wow ... it is a major squeeze).  Carrying my walking boots in my hand luggage, so if the unthinkable happens - and my hold luggage doesn't make it to Cusco with me - at least I will still have comfy shoes!

I will be picking up my hold luggage in Lima (as recommended).

Looking forward to having a drink for your birthday :) x

That's a good tip re boots, hadn't occurred to me. Thank you  


i haven't been to Termian 3 before so am not sure where I would find the lounge but as we may have a long wait from check in to departure (hopefully there'll be none of the delays or queues in the press of late) £20 for a lounge sounds ok. If not I'm on 07876230502 just in case 


I'm probably going to be there quite early as I have a long trip from Cornwall to get to the airport. My number is 07837 778730 so feel free to give me a shout. I have had to ditch the kit bag idea and go with the suitcase as it was much heavier than I thought once I had squeezed everything in - don't fancy putting my back out before we get there!! So excited and nervous now x

can I just check with you ladies? I am on JJ8085 to Sao Paulo, JJ8066 to Lima, and LA 2035 to Cuzco. One of these is not the same as yours Rachel? x

Rachael my numbers are the same as yours so not sure if that is helpful

heathrow to Sao Paulo JJ8085

SP to Lima JJ8066

Lima to Cuzco LA2035

my flipping phone died on Saturday and they promise me a replacement tomorrow so hope to ring you at Heathrow Jennalex, wow that is a trip in itself from Cornwall!! i look forward to seeing you Wednesday, excited and nervous to be honest. I hope to make it up to MP even if i have to crawl!! Janet

Rachael my numbers are the same as yours so not sure if that is helpful

heathrow to Sao Paulo JJ8085

SP to Lima JJ8066

Lima to Cuzco LA2035

my flipping phone died on Saturday and they promise me a replacement tomorrow so hope to ring you at Heathrow Jennalex, wow that is a trip in itself from Cornwall!! i look forward to seeing you Wednesday, excited and nervous to be honest. I hope to make it up to MP even if i have to crawl!! Janet

Hi all, glad to hear you're all getting excited! I'm currently travelling around Peru!!! It is absolutely amazing here! You're all gonna love it I'm sure! I'll be flying from Lima to Cusco on the 17th also but I get there slightly later than you guy 3:30pm. So I guess I shall see you all at the hotel! If you want to have a sneak peak of Peru, do follow me on Facebook as I've managed  upload my pics already! Brenda Mok, London. Hopefully you can find me on there. I did spend my first few days in Cusco and i did have a constant dull headache for a couple of days at least. I've done a couple of day trips in altitude and it was a bit hard going but just take your time and it's fine! I'll see you all Thursday!

Hi Janet / Jennalex. They changed the last flight number in June so I am on the same flights as you both :)Just got to get through my last day of work today, then I'm ready for our adventure!!Whats the weather currently like out there Brenda?

Well, just a few more hours and then I will be starting my trip as i am travelling to Dublin today and will stay near the airport tonight. I finally got luggage sorted after a slight freak out on Saturday so im bringing my kit bag packed with sleeping bag and clothes etc and a carry on roller bag that i can leave at hotel. Thought roller bag would be better if bringing back little gifts etc. Anyway, safe trip everyone and see you all in Cusco!!

See you at the airport, I'm glad to know that I have company on the flights  marathon!! Travel safely to London xx Janet 

sorry guys did reply in time! Weather out here is pretty good! Dry season right now so no rain so far. Warm during day when sun is out (higher altitude means it's stronger so lots of sunscreen!). But gets cold at night. Will definitely feel it on the trek! See you all later at the hotel!

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