Inca Trail 21st September

Anyone doing the Inca Trail 21st September? getting close now!

Yes - Gill and I are going up. If that's the trip that starts on the 16th.

Hi Chris, Kat and I are on the inca trail 21st September trip. It's getting very real now, our kit bags arrived yesterday and we had our final joining instructions emailed a few days ago. Looking forward to it but nervous as we haven't done a long trek at altitude before.

Hi Liz, my trip leaves Heathrow on 21st, so looks like you are on the trip before ours, never know may bump into you in Cuzco.

Hi Colin, yes I'm very excited, and nervous too, my first exodus trip! Was great to get the kit bag the other day. Just ticking off my kit list and about to pick up a few things that I'm missing. Not sure how it will all fit in!

Hi everyone, i'm on this trip too! Excited but also feeling very unprepared!
Is anyone else travelling solo?

Hi Charie, Yep I'm a solo traveller too!

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to meeting everyone. I'm not on the group flight so will see you all in Cusco
Charlotte :o)

I'm doing the Amazon Rainforest extension after the Inca trail, if anyone is doing that too? which means i don't think i'm on the group flight either - I leave Heathrow 21st Sept at 19.20.

We fly from Heathrow about 10pm on the 21st. Going to get the last few bits and bobs from go outdoors today. Not sure about getting a sleeping bag or hiring one....

Colin, I wasn't sure either, I have a friend who went a few years ago and hired a sleeping bag, and just took his own liner to go in it, so it was still clean. He said the sleeping bag was very good quality and saved space and weight! I'll be hiring one out there, along with poles I think.

I'm flying from Gatwick at 1pm on the 21st and staying overnight in Lima, also hiring a sleeping bag in Cusco.... Not long now!

Decided against the sleeping bag in the end. I think you guys have the right idea and rental seems the way to go. I'm sure I read somewhere that the ones you rent from exodus come with a liner too.

Hi Colin, yes you're correct, i'm sure it says in the trip notes that the Exodus sleeping bags come with a liner, one less thing to think about

Hi all, 2 weeks today!!

What are you planning on doing money wise? - Think I'm going to take mainly USD$ but also some Peruvian Sol.

That's what we are planning, Chris.I expect most places don't stock the Peruvian Sol so may have to order them in.

Just ordered a couple of Inca Trail / Peru travel guides for some reading material, I should be an expert by the time we land in Cusco.

Sounds like you'll be our resident expert then Colin!

Peruvian Sol ordered.

FYI - I enquired about our group and have been told there are 12 of us - 6 boys, 6 girls - so should be a good mix.

Is anyone taking anything for altitude sickness with them? Not sure whether to bother or not...

Hi Charlie, I'm not taking anything for altitude sickness - I have been tole the local Coca tea can help!

Not taking anything for the altitude, was told the side effects weren't worth it. Also I pee enough as it is!

We just got dollars in the end, will get some Sol when we get there.

Anyone out there on the group flights?

Thanks guys, I've ditched that idea :) Not on the group flight unfortunately so see you all on Wednesday at some point

My flight lands in Cusco 9.45, think group flight is mid afternoon? Weather is looking a bit wet. Anyone speak Spanish?

Yep, we land in Cusco at 3:55pm on Thursday. I see what you mean about the weather, hopefully it will just be quick showers rather than torrential. No Spanish here I'm afraid.

Finished my last day of work for 2 weeks today so in holiday mode now. Not enjoying packing though, I'll be happy to get there and get cracking. Got a go pro that i've barely used so will try to do a bit of filming on the trek.

Anyone flying BA and having issues with online check in?

Flying BA but no problem checking in online :) hope you got it sorted

Yep all sorted, had to check in at terminal, just chillin with a cuppa now until I can check my bags in. The journey has began. See you all in about 24 hours I guess! Safe flights people.

Just checked in! Let me know when here guys.

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