Inca Trail


I'm doing the Inca Trail in September and wondered who else was on this trip. It's the first time I have done anything like this and getting excited now.


4 of us leaving for Peru 30th September.

2 of us are leaving on 23rd September.

My trip starts on 9th September and I would like to get in contact with anyone else on the same trek as I'm travelling alone.

Hi I am Lynne and will be travelling to Peru to do the Inca Trail on 24th September. We are three sisters, two from the UK and one from the States and will all be joining the trek from Chicago so will meet our fellow travelers in Cuzco on 24th September.

I did the Base Camp Everest trip with Exodus and it was fantastic. Exodus are second to none when it comes to organisation, support and local knowledge, I would not have chosen another tour company for this important trip.

Look forward to meeting you all.

I am on the 5th Sept trip but arriving day before so be lovely to meet anyone else at Lima hotel on 4th. Please let me know.
Not long now!!

Hi Liz.
I am on your trip and also travelling alone so it is nice to know that I am not the only one:) I am however doing the Moonstone Trek as I booked quite late so all the Inca passes were sold out but hopefully we'll meet at the hotel in Cuzco. I am arriving around 11am on the 10th September and look forward to meeting you.

I am flying from Heathrow on 9th September at 22.10. Will you be on the same flight? I have also been talking to someone from Portugal who is also doing the Moonstone trek.
Not long now :)

Hi Liz, I'm doing the same trip and travelling alone too. I'm just getting organised now...and really looking forward to the trip. Best wishes, janet

Yes, I am getting really excited now:) No, I am taking a different route so I am leaving the 9th in the morning and will have a night's stop over in Lima and fly up to Cuzco @ 9am on the 10th and I think you will arrive around 4pm. What a shame that I decided on a different route as it would have been nice to have some company:(
Never mind, it's nice to know that we'll meet in Cuzco so until then, happy travels:)

Have a good trip Tess, look forward to meeting you.

Hi Janet, what are you travel arrangements? Let me know if are also going from Heathrow at 10.22pm. Are you doing the Inca trail or the Moonstone trek?

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