Inca trail, Amazon rain forest and lake Titicaca May 23rd

Hi just wondering who else is going on this trip, not long left untill we depart.
Anyone excited yet?

Yep, definitely getting excited.

Helps that you can start doing all the pre-travel stuff - vaccinations, new gear, etc. Can't wait :)

So excited...but then I did book this over a year ago, so 2-months to go seem like nothing!

Helps that I've started buying some of the essentials needed for trip (sleeping bag, new day rucksack etc) :)

Hi yes i went out and bought a few things this weekend, some mossy repellant and a new jacket,
I have an appointment for the dredded injections although i`ve had most of them for a previouse trip. :)

Hello Pablo and Lorraine. I'm getting very excited too. So long ago since we booked the trip, but now it's fast approaching. I'm travelling with 2 family members and look forward to meeting you and taking on the challenge of all those steps!
Best wishes, Kate


Cannot wait to see the Inca Trail. 

Hi, yes not long now.
looking forward to meeting you all too.
All the best Paul

Hi I'm ray booked this trip over a year ago and cannot wait to meet you all, it looks amazing. My mate nathan is on the trip as well so see you all soon

Hi just wondered if any of you have worked out how much money to take, and what denomenations would be best?
hope eveyone has got there kit sorted..,21 days to go :)

I contacted exodus about this and they recommended taking US dollars which can be changed locally (also most major tourist resorts accept US dollars). Advice from other websites have been similar but with added recommendation that you try and get lower denomenations (e.g. $1, $10).

As I'm thinking of doing some of the optional trips (really liking the idea of white water rafting) was thinking of taking £400 = just under $700 depending on where you get it exchanged.

And yep - got the kit bag and joining details...not long now :)

Thanks Lorraine..I was thinking much along those lines myself.
Good to know i was on the right track:).
Yes got most of my kit too,see you soon Paul

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