India Grand Tour

Hi there, anyone else looking forward to this as much as me? Land only trip but leaving Heathrow on 6.2

Hi Lee
Yes can't wait now!

Having persistently tried to get and pay for electronic visas my wife Geraldine and I finally gave up, applied for and have finally received by post this morning full visas. My view is that the indian web sites are confusing and don't work well, but when you get to talk to somebody they cannot be more helpful. We finally believe that we are going to make it and at this late hour can start looking forward to it.

Hi Laney, hi guys..the countdown has begun!
The website is super confusing! I made a visit to 'Battleship House' to collect mine and which is almost as difficult to find!
But not quite as difficult as trying to find an Indian adaptor plug. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

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