India - Mountains, Temples, Hill Stations (8 Oct Dep)

Hi to anyone heading out on this departure (including pnbry, JulieL, Ginnyhm!). Am looking forward to this trip, just over 6 weeks to go now :)

Thanks Laura, that was a good idea to start a new post! In response to your questions about things to take, after a very hot day in London I think a fan of any type would be a good idea! Also, I travel quite a lot in our campervan and I always take earplugs, not because of my husband (!) but there always seem to be barking dogs or outside noise. Hopefully it will be quieter in the Himalayas!

Fortunately I seem to sleep through anything and will no doubt nod off as we're travelling on the bus! Looks like a full trip, 16 of us on this departure so should be good.

Thanks for starting a new thread Laura. When I saw your comment about it being just over 6 weeks away I realised how much I'm looking forward to this trip. I think starting in Amritsar is going to be so good - I've wanted to visit there for a long time.

I saw some photos of Amritsar at sunset recently and it looked stunning :) I'll be sorting my visa out shortly, hopefully the new evisa system will work out well and save making a visit to the offices in person.

I've got the online visa! I thought I'd messed it up but it arrived overnight. I'm leaving on 4 October so did it earlier in the week. Be careful to get the right spec for your photo and passport, you may need to use a website to compress the size. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you all in Amritsar, it will be nice to put faces to names and to have some company. I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to Wagah to see the border ceremony.

Glad the visa came through ok, thanks for the tip about photo and passport size. Enjoy your first few days in India and hopefully you'll get to the border ceremony. See you in Amritsar!

I'm (hopefully) going to get my visa tomorrow - I have an appointment as I can't get the 28 day visitor visa as I'm doing another trip after the Mountains, Temples and Hill Stations and am a bit confused about how much its going to cost etc. Better to see someone face to face, I thought!
I think its very difficult to advise anyone about what to pack. But here my random thoughts about clothing to take - I'll probably want to buy a few things in India - I think long sleeves might be better 'culturally' - long sleeves certainly better against sun and insects - but short sleeves might be cooler - I expect to be able to wash stuff en route. When I pack I start by what I want to take then generally have to halve it because my case would be too heavy for me to carry! Maybe the stress/ excitement of packing/ preparing is all part of the lead up to the trip? Enough of my ramblings - see you in Amritsar!

Lucky you doing another trip after this one! I really can't wait now. I usually take a lightweight sarong in my bag which I can throw over my shoulders as and when needed. Just been looking at the weather, it's looking lovely :)

Hi I've finally got around to joining this conversation. I'm on the 8th October departure from Heathrow. It's my first trip to India and I'm travelling alone, since my wife didn't fancy this trip.

Do any of you want to meet up at Heathrow? It may be helpful if a few of us navigate Delhi Airport together?

I'm in a similar position as my husband didn't fancy the trip either! I've never been to India before and I really want to see the Himalayas. I'm actually flying out next Tuesday 4 October so I'll see you in Amritsar.

I think I'm on a different flight to Delhi as I booked it separately but I should be on the same flight from Delhi to Amritsar as the majority of the group so will be keeping an eye out for any Exodus luggage tags!

Hi pnbry - am happy to meet at Heathrow if possible - I'm on a flight from Manchester via H'row (my least favourite airport!) and expect to be there about 5.30pm. Any suggestion about where to meet? otherwise I'm in seat 26G if you want to say 'Hi'.
Laura, are you in H'row at this time?
Ginny - hope you have a safe journey on Tuesday.

Hi Julie, I will be at Heathrow around that time but will be at terminal 5.

Hi Laura - see you in Delhi or Amritsar!

Hi Julie

I'll get to Heathrow around 4:30 and after check in I'll get something to eat and go to the gate. That seems the easiest place to meet. My name is Peter, 63, short grey beard, glasses, and I'll have a small black rucksack with the Exodus Tag. I don't have a seat number yet. Hope to see you there.

Laura Perhaps we'll meet up for the Amritsar flight.

Thought I'd just say hello. Everything went really smoothly including the e-visa process. Just thought I'd mention a few things which I would have found useful. You may already know but it might help!
You'll need to show your visa at Heathrow, well I did with Virgin; if you keep a cable handy you may be able to charge your various devices on the plane; plenty of ATMs in the arrival lounge but you need to keep your wits about you as to how many rupees you want (I got into knots with all the noughts and found myself being rejected as I was asking for over £1000!!) I blame tiredness and rupees! You also put the card in and out, you don't leave it in during the process and it times you out quickly. There's a shuttle bus between terminals if you need one. Have a good safe trip and see you on Sunday! Ps it's hot and soupy in Delhi!

Thanks for the information. Especially about the ATMs - that seems simpler than changing pounds. Peter

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