India plug sockets

Taking the Land of the Tiger tour. Does anyone have any advise on which power adaptors to take

It seems that India uses a plug with three round pins, probably the same as the UK used to use many many years ago!  You can get the adaptor on Amazon or ebay.

Hi Stephen

I went to India earlier this year and European two round pin adaptors worked most of the time, those like shaver plugs. Their sockets usually have two pairs of holes, one of which will fit and also an earth hole which you may sometimes have to stick a plastic pen in or something. Some places even have UK square pin sockets available.


I have travelled in India many times & the 'Professional" answer is that you will find Type C, D & M sockets, of which D (a small, round, 3 pin tiangular job) is the most common. You can easily buy an adapter on Amazon. I have also found EU 2 pin (round) sockets & 2 pin flat straight sockets. If you must charge phone/ipod/Ipad etc everyday you might invest in a universal adapter & type C,D & M adapters if they are not in your universal. Alternatively, if the Hotel reception fails, you can always try the local market who will have the required adapter for a few pence. 

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