Isla Grande tour Cuba March 2016

Hello, I've just booked up for the Isla Grande trip in March '16 ,i can't wait to go!! I would love to hear from anyone else who's on this trip too :-) Clare

Hi Clare I think my hubby and I will be on the same trip. Somewhere I've longed to go. Really looking for to the tour.

Hi Clare and Nicky,

I will be on this trip heading out on the 17th March. Very excited :)

Graham and I are booked on the 16 day Cuba trip from March 3rd to 18th. Is that the one you mean?

Graham and I are booked on the 16 day Cuba trip from March 3rd to 18th. Is that the one you mean?

Hi yes Kate it is..just received my visa this weekend..6weeks to go and counting :) !! Just need to get my insurance and get money sorted. Not sure who to "go with" insurance wise has anybody got any advice?

Oh ! I forgot to mention Nicky and Leigh, I'll be on the tour starting on the 3rd march and have extended it at the end for a few days on the beach :)

Oh lovely! Wish I'd done the same now but extended my trip at the other side and decided to spend a couple days in London first (I'm from Edinburgh).
Insurance wise, Exodus quoted me £95 for the trip. Quite pricey and I'm sure I can find it way cheaper elsewhere but I am tempted to go with it for ease.
Who are you using to exchange your money?

Hi Leigh, I'm originally from Edinburgh, but now living in Glasgow + traveling from there to Amsterdam+then to Havana. I eventually got insurance from a company called Covered2go- really good reviews from Which.
You can only change money at airport when you arrive as it's a "closed" currency. You need to make sure you take English 10's and 20's notes as won't accept Scottish .


Ah cool!

I discovered I could get insurance through my work so that has saved some pennies there :)

Thanks for the heads up re CUC, I didn't see that on the trip notes.

I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

Hi Leigh, I'm on the same trip as you :) looking forward to it!

Great!! Where are you flying from? I'm flying from London Gatwick via Madrid.

We are flying KLM from Bristol to Schiphol and then on to Havana so I expect we will be on the same flight.
How's your cycling going? I have been forcing myself out in the cold rain to get fitter! Looking forward to the heat

oh and I have an annual worldwide travel insurance policy through CTC

Hi Leigh and Emily I'm on the trip from the 17th March too, really looking forward to it now.

although not sure if it is the same trip, I'm doing cycling cuba if that is the same one. Helen

Hi Helen,

The Isla Grande Cuba Tour isn't the cycling one.... at least I'm not expecting to be riding a bike at any point but you never know, we could be on the same flights at least. Although, I just found out I'm not actually on the group flight which is a little annoying. I leave Gatwick at 10:10, get into Havana at 20:25 via Madrid.

Hi Kate, Getting excited now only 7days to go ! So looking forward to the heat..and NO rain..It rains so much in Glasgow :( I'm not going on the cycling tour, I'm on the Isla Grande - whole island . My friend did the cycling tour in November and really enjoyed it, all different levels of cyclists. That's cool you're on the same flight tho, i 've just booked my seats the other day I'm in seat 23b .

Hello there! Hope everyone going to Cuba earlier in March has a brilliant time!
Anyone booked to leave on 31st trip?

Hi Leigh, I think we're on different flights. Mine goes from Gatwick too, but at 11.30 apparently, getting in around 4.30 local time. Guess we'll just meet in Havana! Hope your flight goes OK :)

Hi Emily,

That's odd that you leave after me but get there way earlier. Maybe we'll see each other in departures :) I think you get travel tags so we can spot other Exodus folk.

Otherwise will see you in Havana! Getting super excited!

Hi everyone travelling on the 17th March for Cuba. I'm on the gatwick flight leaving at 11.30am travelling direct. We must be on the same flight as you Emily. We will be looking out for the trailfinder luggage tags. Hope everyone leaving in early March has a wonderful time. Counting the days to our departure.

Just over a week to go! Very excited :)

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