Jimcorbette or Ranthambhore wild life park

Hi, I am Ronish Baxter. This month I am planning a family trip to wildlife national park. The main attraction of visiting wildlife national park is watching tigers. Someone says Tiger reserved Ranthambhore sanctury is better option but someone says Jimcorbette is better.

Can someone here help me here to decide which one is good to get a luck of watching tigers.

I have only been to Ranthambhore so I cannot comment on Jimcorbette.

This was in 2012 so things may have changed

We did have a great sighting of a Tiger but I think we were very lucky.  Out of three drives we saw one tiger in a pool wonderfully close and one a long way away through the trees, prior to that nobody had seen one on a drive for something like three weeks. You don't get to choose which section of the park you are taken to (it's a lottery) and your driver is forbidden from going outside his section.

On the drive where we saw a tiger in the distance through the trees it was mayhem on the road with 20-30 vehicles jostling for space. It was actually an unpleasant experience.

The one with the tiger in the pool was great, just our vehicle and two others, both of which had snuck over from another section.


I have a friend who went another time and didn’t see anything

It’s not like an African safari where there’s plenty of things to see even if they aren’t big cats. There’s very little else aside from tigers.

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