July 1 Amiritsar to Leh

Hello hello hello ......
Anyone booked on the 1 JUL Amiritsar to Leh tour? I've been on the Tibet side but not the India side.

Hi Joe, myself and my wife are booked. We've been to Rajasthan and Sikkim in India so far. Also Nepal but not Tibet, yet. Mike and Hev.

Just seen your post, I've not been to this area before and am looking forward to it very much.
Thinking about how much money to take.......what do you think?

Hi, just to warn you that we will be the 'old farts of the trip'. We have been to Ladakh before, but that was over 40 years ago! - I guess things may have changed a bit. Paul & Marjorie

Forgot to say, we are travelling on the direct flight from Birmingham to Amritsar (arriving 1st July 13:15) - anyone else using this route? Paul and Marjorie

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