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Hi there,
Pleased to hear there are now seven people on this trip, not just my wife and I, plus one other. I understand the "new" four are a family of two parents with their adult child and their husband/wife. Hope you all don't mind chatting during the long travel sessions we have. We had some longish journeys during a recent trip through Uzbekistan with Exodus and everyone got on well, despite a wide range of ages and personalities.
My name is Ian, a retired civil engineer, and my wife's is Lesley. I suspect some of the trip could be arduous, but that the interest will quell any tendency to getting bored.
Hope to hear from you

Hi there. I left a message hoping to open discussion, but didn't realise I had to add the holiday reference so it is just a lost message at present. So, look under "just opening possible discussion" please.

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