Kenya Safari

Hi. I'm going on the Kenyan Safari on 12 March. Is anyone else going? Will

I'm going to Kenya on the 12th as a solo traveller from Edinburgh. I've never used Exodus before, but i've heard good things. Are you travelling alone? Have you used Exodus before? Where are you flying out from?

Hi Shanika. I am also travelling alone and haven't been with Exodus before either. I'm flying out from Heathrow to Nairobi via Doha. Really looking forward to the trip!

Hi Shanika. Are you all set? what time do you arrive in Nairobi? My flight arrives at 08.05 on 13 March. Will

Hi Will
I've got my visa, which I didn't realise I needed but luckily I checked! I just need to pack, then I'm ready to go. I think I get in at the same time, it's probably the same flight from Doha. I don't think it's actually set in yet that I'm going, lol. Shanika

Yikes, that was lucky over the visa! Doha at 02.25. I'll be the one in the corner asleep! It's come around quickly. See you on Sunday! Will

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