Kili - Lemosho - 9th Sep

Anyone going on this trip? Got all your kit sorted yet? I'm still trying to track down decent enough warm stuff but am slowly getting there.

Hi Nick I am David are you all so set apart from the cold weather gear how is your training going I hear there is 15 of us on the trip so far four men including myself and you and eleven woman aged between 20-40 should make for an interesting bunch any way got to go best of luck finding your gear

Hi Nic and David
I am also booked on this trip. I've got most of main kit sorted. It's all getting a bit real, feeling quite nervous but also starting to get excited - not long to go now!!
How is your training going? I've done one weekend in Brecon Beacon and got a couple more trips coming up.

Hi Paula

well good on you I have been doing a fair amount of walking my self. A lot of miles under my belt but just started doing the hill work, also a bit of light weights, And some decent bike rides, Six weeks this Thursday it has soon come round Kilimanjaro bring it on see you there good luck with your training


One more for the trip in September, has anyone been up this high before other than in a plane :-). I have been to 16,700ft in the Peruvian Andes, but this will be nearly another 3000ft higher, I think that's the only concern for me as you never know how you will be affected. In Peru I was fine fortunately, just a bit short of breath. Also how much cash is everyone taking. Think I have all my kit now, but need to get new poles.


I've never done anything like this before so am also concerned about the altitude. I've read so much about it and spoken to a few people who have done Kili. The consesus seems to be that everyone will be affected in some form but to varying degrees. The longer route should help us acclimatise though so hopefully it won't be too bad. I've got diamox and was told to try it for a couple of days before the trip.
Re money, I read somewhere on Exodus that you only need $250 but given that tips of $170-195 are recommeded, visa is $50 (if you don't already have one) and apparently you need $50 for lunches it sounds like you need more like $300 minimum.

Hi all, I'm Pip and am on this trip with my friends Liz and Anita. We live in London and have tried to get in a few walks in preparation in addition to the usual gym stuff. I think the altitude is going to be the toughest, historically I don't do that well at altitude! The highest I've been to date is about 5,500m in Ecuador but I'm quite into my climbing so I've been to 4,000m or more several times in the Alps. We're all taking Diamox but my current plan is to only take 1/2 a pill before sleeping above about 4,500m - that plan is open to change though! Looking forward to meeting you all :-)

Hi all from David the yeti man
the altitude is my main concern as well it does not talk age or fitness in to the equations having said that it cant hurt the fitter you are for the trek I hate talking pills at the best of times so I will not take any thing like the altitude pill Diamox
Just about got together now all my kit for the trip except for a decent pair of trekking trousers don't fancy going up the mountain with out then any way first few day/s I plan to be in shorts and see how it goes any body else showing off there pipe cleaners well look forward to meeting you all
This trip has been in the planning for seven and a half months now and I am starting to get excited any body in the trip going on to Zanzibar afterwards or all you all returning to good old uk any way see you all at the airport and good luck with the rest of you training

Hi is everyone all set for this

Hi Dave. I'm on the trip after but can I offer some advice ? I did Lemosho a few years ago, not with Exodus, and suffered AMS and came down. After experiencing the hospital there a few tablets won't kill you.

sorry to here you did not make it last time mike fingers crossed for you this time as for the pills I will take then as and when I need then as for the people I am going with two weeks Wednesday looking forward to meeting you all just putting in a final week of training and then I will rest up until the off got 99.99 percent of my kit now hope you are all well and prepared see you at the airport

Hi All, well this time next week I'll be heading to Heathrow. There are 4 of us doing it together so if any of you guys are on the same departure then we will see you there!! I have now got all of my kit and am steadily trying to sort through it and determining what is "nice to have" in case the weight exceeds the 15k limit. I'm a little nervous about the altitude - I guess it's the unknown. I know for sure we'll all get breathless but it's the additional symptoms that we don't know how bad we'll be. None of the 4 of us plan on taking Diamox... decided it wasn't for us. Training wise we've all done gym work, some running (to a lesser or greater degree) and we've also done some hill training. Where I live is very flat so I'm at a slight disadvantage really but hopefully the fitness will count for something.
So Pip, Paula, Dave - are you all on the same departure as us? If so see you very very soon..... Nic!

Looking forward to meeting you whether it be at LHR or at the other end. It seems we are not the only ones with concerns (I'm one of Nic's group of 4) but it'll be an experience and hopefully a really enjoyable one as well as challenging. Never been anywhere near that high.

I'm a bit late to the chat but just wanted to say hello and looking forward to meeting you all. Hope everyone has a good couple of restful days!

I don't know if anyone will see this given we are leaving in just 10 hours (!!!!) but looking forward to meeting you all. I am also flying from LHR. If you see a short blond looking terrified that's me!

If you see us at the airport, say hello. Four of us; 3 female, 1 male. The two skinny, younger females are clearly sisters, then there's a short, dark haired woman and me.

I'm also flying from LHR. Another shorty, dark curly hair, trying to look brave! I'll be on the look out!

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