Kili TYR 21st March 2018

Hello Everyone,

My friend Dave and I are booked onto the March "Full Moon" departure for Kili. 

Anyone else going or been on this trip? 

Need some advice on Yellow Fever jabs, sleeping bag choices etc.


Paul (aka Legs-o-Lead) :-)


Hi Guys,

I'm also going on this trek / climb on 21st March.

Are you experienced trekkers? I'm preparing in the UAE and Oman where we have some very rocky mountains with scree and boulders the size of houses. I did a 16km trek last Friday over 6-7 hrs. I found that tough but of course did not have to deal with altitude. Are you taking Diamox?

What is your prep regime?

I'm training in the mornings and doing some cycling as well as regular treks, but getting more nervous about my fitness levels and effect of AMS.

I had a Yellow feaver  jab many years ago (1993) just before I went on safari in South Africa, so don't know whether I need a top up or not? Good thing you reminded me!

See you soon....


Yes, it'll be good to see you there. I am trekking my mate Dave, and yes, we are seasoned, in more ways than one I fear :-). 

This will be my third trip with Exodus, although my wife and I have done other adventure holidays with other operators. Me and Dave try to get into the mountains as often as we can, mainly in North and South Wales, as it suits us geographically.

For training, Dave is working on 45-50minute runs every second day, but I have a more structured regime involving HIIT and strengh training at the gym, as well as longer walks on the weekend. Dave spends most of his working days on his feet, but I drive a desk all week long so went for the HIIT to gain as much in the limited time I have available to train.

Yes, we are both taking Diamox (Acetazolamide), but I plan only to use it to help me sleep. I've been on both Dome du Gouter on Mont Blanc (4200m ish) and summit of Toubkal (4167m) and had no difficulty with AMS after the first day or so, although initially had the mother of all headaches on the each time above 3800m. I'm hoping the longer walk in on Kili will be beneficial. 

Regarding innocs, I have now had a full set of Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hep B, Rabies. I was advised against Cholera as we're not in country long enough, and the same for Malerone for Malaria... our exposure is limited, so it's not worth the expense and buggeration. Rather I'm taking DEET to prevent bites. 

We're flying in from Heathrow, so we'll probably catch up with you at Arusha?

Take Care

Paul W

Thanks for your reply Paul.

I'm new to trekking but like cycling I took it up late and regularly cycle 70 km at the weekends now. I was motivated by the adventure of trekking but now I'm wondering if I signed up for too much!  However, I'm training hard and like you doing some HIIT as well as mainly now focusing on treks at the weekend until we go. I'm planning another 3-4 weekends of trekking.

I have hooked up with UAE Trekkers group and this weekend attempting a 5-6 hr trek in Oman which is classed as 'Challenging'. Last week was 'Intermediate' and although we covered the ground in good time (so I was told) I thought it was pretty tough; 45 degree slopes of scree at one point, pathways are not marked/ don't exist here and we navigated purely by GPS..... so I'm intigued by the term 'Challenging' if that wasn't.

Not sure what the terrain is like in Wales, but at least we don't have the wind and rain!

I'm planning to bring Diamox; no issues here with getting it and update my jabs. Good point about Malerone, maybe I'll just bring DEET. 

I'll be in Arusha on 21st March - a day ahead of schedule, flying to Nairobi and transferring all with Kenya Airways, mainly because I figured it's easier with one carrier.

This is my first trip with Exodus, I attending an open evening with Andrew Appleyard from Exodus who sold it to me on the strenghth of their experience on Kili. 

Any advice on type of sleeping bag to bring? Do you use down or synthetic?

See you in Arusha....


Hi C,

I am sure you will be adequately fit for Kili. The trek is timed/paced to ensure proper acclimitization, with what looks like plenty of time at each camp to recover from the climbs and get used to the low pressure air. I've previously found Exodus to be expertly organised and more than competent. They use local guides too, so you're gauranteed knowledge, experience and a contribution to the local economy :-). All good in my book.


Regarding sleeping bags, I have just bought a new one just for this trip. I went for a RAB Ascent 900 hydrophobic down bag which is rated to -15degrees. I will also bring a liner along just in case, and of course, I'll have my down jacket and thermal leggings etc, so I am happy with that. 

I'm also bringing my own Thermarest "NeoAir" inflatable mattress as it weighs nothing and offers more comfort than the usual self-inflating types. 


I too am a keen cyclist, and if you're knocking out 70km a weekend, you'll have a good level of base fitness. I am not getting anything like that sort of distance in at the moment (because the truth is, I don't like riding in the dark!)

Speak soon

Paul W

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