Starting to think properly about the trip now - it has come around so fast! Thought it would be good to make a start and chat to others before it takes place. 

Look forward to hearing about your prep! 


Does anyone else have a pile of gear that looked quite organised but now resembles a heap in the corner of their lounge? I thought I only needed a couple of things but my mounting purchases defy that logic..

Hi Annabel- as far as prep goes it is hard in winter! I've been walking and running more and adding in a lot of squats and calf raises. I'm no experienced trekker but I try to have a good overall level of fitness.

What flight are you arriving on? I'm not on the group flight (as I am going to Uganda afterwards it made no sense), I'm arriving Kenya Airways on 27th at 08:30 ish and getting a  private transfer, is anyone doing the same? We could share the cost!


See you soon!

:-) Lucy

Hey Lucy!

Sounds good and I am pretty much the same, good level of fitness but not really an experienced trekker! I am arriving on the group flight, can't think what time it will be arriving off the top of my head, so see you at the hotel :)


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