Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai Route 27th August

My husband and I are attempting the Kilimanjaro climb on the 27th August for my 40th Birthday and we were wondering who else will be attempting this with us? Please get in touch

Anyone else signed up yet??

HI there Lins,

Myself and my husband are going, we are going for his 50th so you are in with a good chance of beating us to the summit :-) , this is the first major climb that we have done. We have done snowdon, Ben Nevis and Mt Teide. We are trying to fit in as much hiking as we can before we go in order to give us a chance of making it. Looking forward to the challenge but not the camping :-)

So glad you responded and we look forward to meeting you. Great that we are both celebrating big birthdays!! I have read loads of books and age and fitness are not markers of success so you will be fine. We can just support each other to complete this monumentous task ahead!!!

A friend and I also will be hiking Kilimanjaro. Just doing some last minute trip planning, gear checks, and practice hikes. So much to do! We're looking forward to meeting all of you in a few weeks!

I have just received kit bags from Exodus, 3 of them. Very confused about how many bags i can take on the plane? Getting nervous and excited at the same time

Yes Darren and I are doing the same, my spare room is full of coats, bags, water bottles and tissues etc etc. I seem to have so much stuff that I am worried how it is all going to fit in!!! I am bringing lots of snacks with me! Looking forward to meeting you.

Is anyone else taking diamox on the climb?

Yes, we will be taking diamox. I spend quite a bit of time at high altitude in the Rocky Mountains without problems, but 19k is new for me, so I'm taking it just to be safe, I've used it once before and it made a huge difference, but I know everybody responds to it differently. Just have to be careful and drink extra water, as it can dehydrate you a bit.

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