Kilimanjaro - Full Moon Departure

Just wondering who else is booked on to the August Full Moon departure dates to climb Kilimanjaro?

Would be nice to chat with anyone who who is going.


Alison, Emily and Saffron coming together to climb. Mother and 2 daughters from London



Nice to know there are other doing this too! I'm going with my sister-in-law and her friend.

Have you done anything like this before?


I`m in as well. Going on my own, hope it will be interesting experience.

Joanna :)

Hi Joanna,

Brave of you to do this on your own! Ever done anything like this before?

Does anyone have any training or equipments tips?


Hi Joanna and Jeff

We haven't done anything quite like this before. We are quite fit and have between us run a couple of marathons and 4 half marathons but think this will be quite different.

I have found the website really useful on kit and the climbing generally.

On training our plan is to do a few long walks and a couple of weekends of walking and a bit of gym work to strengthen our legs but I understand that if you are reasonably fit it shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's the altitude sickness that gets you on this trip not the physical challenge. We are not looking forward to that bit!

Look forward to meeting you all. I am 51 and my 2 daughters are 22 and 19. We live in central London and are very excited about the trip. We are flying on KLM via Amsterdam and don't arrive until the evening of 18th August. Are you both on the group flights??

Gosh! You all sound far more advanced in the training than I am. Need to step mine up a little bit...don't want to be the reason for the group going too slowly (although I did snap an achillies tendon back in October!)

Thanks for sharing that website link Alison, very useful!

I'm not on the group flight, but fly from Heathrow to Ethiopia and then on to Kilimanjaro arriving around lunch time.

I am not going on this trip but I did it a year or so ago, it was the best trip I have had. The team are excellent.
I started to take ferroglobin to boost my iron intake and to help with the oxygen uptake, I also took magnesium to help with the lactic acid and cinnamon tablets to regulate blood sugar levels.
Lots of walking, climbing stairs in your office etc help with the muscles and the breathing, your lung capacity is the most important.
When I completed Killi and machu Picchu I had marathon runners on both and they seem to suffer more than most as their bodies go into anaerobic state much earlier.
going up Killi is straight forward but it is the climb down that strains the thigh muscles, six hours to go up and only two to come down, my legs ached for a week afterwards.

I wish I was coming, it was good fun.

This will be my first trip. Haven`t done anything advanced before. Occasionally done only few light coastal/MT hikes. Don`t worry Jeff I will keep the company for you as I`m not really into training yet ;). I`m also flying from Heathrow to Ethiopia, then on to Kilimanjaro so we might be on the same flight?

Thanks for the link Alison! I am more relaxed now.

A bit scary (I think so anyway!), but it's less than 2 months until we commence this trip!

Had my final "jabs" this morning - Yellow Fever and final boosters. Not sure what was more painful, the jab or the expense?! Also picked up my prescription for my Antimalarials; another "pleasureable" expense...

What are others doingin regards to Altitude Sickness medication? Diamox seems to comehighly recommended?

Looking forward to meeting everyone in a few short weeks!

Hi! I am also going on this trip. I'm doing it with my boyfriend Matt. We are also flying from Heathrow and changing at Ethiopia so probably on the same flight. We have done a similar level of training. Starting to get a bit nervous!

Hi Suzy,

Nice to hear from another adventurer!

I think we're all getting a little nervous now...hopefully excited at the same time though?!

Probably see you and your boyfriend at the airport in a few short weeks!


Just wondering if anyone has sorted a visa yet? It says on the trip notes that they are available at the border but I would feel more comfortable having it in place before! Does anyone know how you go about sorting it? We haven't sorted altitude sickness medication yet but I think Diamox is the one I've heard the best things about. Has everyone else had the yellow fever jab? We've had the other ones we need but the nurse seemed unsure about whether we definitely need yellow fever.

Hi Suzy,

Not sorted my visa yet, but will be doing it soon enough. I plan on getting the form from the Tanzania High Commission ( and sending it off with all the requirements etc. Like you I didn't feel comfortable enough leaving it until we arrive!

Had my Yellow Fever jab the other week along with all my boosters (not all in one go thankfully!); my nurse said it was needed and I have my certificate with my passport to wave around as I pass through airport security! Again, I didn't really fancy having the yellow fever jab on arrival at the airport either.


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