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Kilimanjaro - Lemosho

Hi, I am going to be departing on the 24th of January 2018 for the Lemosho trek up Kilimanjaro. It would be great to hear from any fellow trekkers that will be on this trup too. Feel free to drop me a message and say hi :) Best wishes Kelly

looks interesting,

My mum and me are flying out on the 24th for the Lemosho route, I guess that will be the same one

I just realised my typo, I’m also flying out on the 24th. Are you and your mum going from Heathrow? 

Yes we are - so looks like we are on the same trip, looking at the numbers it’s almost full so a few off us going!

Yes, looks like a great sized group. Can I ask, have you already got your visa sorted or do you plan on getting it when we land? 

We look forward to meeting our fellow travellers for this trip.  How are your preparations going?  Kind regards, Cathie x


We look forward to meeting our fellow travellers for this trip - lemosho route up Kilimanjaro.  How are your preparations going?   Kind regards, Cathie x ps: we got trailfinders to sort out our visas for tansania.

hi  Kellz we were going to get it when we landed.... hi Cathie still preparing and trying to figure out what to take as well as trying to fit in getting fit - please tell me you aren’t all marathon runners!!

we are really looking forward to it. X

thanks Jo, that’s put my mind at rest then, I shall get my visa when we land too. 

Hi Cathie, I am looking forward to meeting you all. 

I have just about got my kit sorted out. Just need the last few bits like toiletries and first aid kit. x

Hi jo and kellz, sounds like you are getting sorted.  I've just had to buy another pair of boots as everything rubs, I hope these 'are the ones'.  I've been experimenting for the last year with boots!  Can't believe we are nearly in our way.  Happy new year.  Cathie 

hi ladies, can I just double check the date Of your flights going out? 

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