Kilimanjaro - Lemosho route - 16th August - Who recently sign-up?

My adult son and I have been signed up to this Mount Kilimanjaro Lemosho route climb for several months now - and are delighted that someone else apparently just recently signed-up because it means our adventure has now been 'guaranteed' by Exodus. Excellent news. (We owe you one - whoever you are!)

Hopefully there'll be a few others joining us 3 over the next few months - but if, meanwhile, the person who recently sign-up wanted to get in touch with us via this website - then it would be great to hear from you - if you are not too busy 'training' for the ascent, that is! (Gulp!)


(Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK)

Hi Martyn, I signed up quite recently and I think they said there are now six of us going when I signed up! Really looking forward to it. I hope the training and planning is going well! 



Hi Andrea,

Great to hear from you!   Gabriel and my training routine for Kili is all going well.   In fact, I’m dripping sweat all over the keyboard as I type this - as I’ve just returned from today’s 10 mile run… well, “jog” really… OK, I’ll admit it - there were dog-walkers overtaking me!  But I am really enjoying the training and getting out every day for either a 5 mile or 10 mile run.

Are you training?  Have you got all your kit?  Are you as excited as us about this adventure?  Where about in the world do you live?

Anyway – I can update you on the party-size: There are now 8 of us going – 4 men, 4 women.  I recently asked Marta from Exodus how many were on the trip and she (somewhat unexpectedly) emailed back a little table with all our age groups on it!!!!   Gulp!  There is my son, Gabriel, who, at 20, is the youngest and only person in the “19 – 30” box; 4 people who are in the “31 – 40” box; 1 person in the “41 – 50” box; whilst there is just me and one other in the 51 – 60” box.   Should I stow a collapsible, Zimmer-frame in my blue Exodus bag, one wonders?   

So, it sounds like an interesting mix of age-groups on this Lemosho climb, eh?  It would be great to hear from any of the other 6 climbers if any of you are reading this!  Please post something!




Hi all

i just booked on this trip a couple of weeks ago. I'm 35 and just on gardening leave from my job and wasn't sure I was going to get it hence the last minute joining. Unfortunately that means no training has been done to date so I'm very impressed by Martyn's 10mile runs! This is my first day of leave so going through all the trip details but think I should leave that and get my running gear on! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi Lisa,

Great to hear from you – “welcome aboard”!!

I think the “jury’s still out” on the efficacy of my jogging programme…  Yesterday, whilst out on a run on a local disused train-line pathway, I bumped into a friend walking their dog (not literary, thankfully!) -  He asked what I was doing and I replied, panting, “I’m training for Killimanjaro” (as if it weren’t utterly obvious).  He raised a quizzical eyebrow at this, glanced around suspiciously at the completely flat landscape in which we stood - and queried, “Wouldn’t you be better-off climbing-up a hill or something?”   Hmmm… he may just have a point!  


-          Martyn

Hi Lisa,

Great to hear from you – “welcome aboard”!!

I think the “jury’s still out” on the efficacy of my jogging programme…  Yesterday, whilst out on a run on a local disused train-line pathway, I bumped into a friend walking their dog (not literally, thankfully!) -  He asked what I was doing and I replied, panting, “I’m training for Killimanjaro” (as if it weren’t utterly obvious).  He raised a quizzical eyebrow at this, glanced around suspiciously at the completely flat landscape in which we stood - and queried, “Wouldn’t you be better-off climbing-up a hill or something?”   Hmmm… he may just have a point!  


-          Martyn


Like you I'm without hills so will have to make do with a bit of running. But hopefully my trip to the lakes earlier in the year will stand me in good stead although was mainly spent in the pubs looking at the lovely hills but sure that counts....

Hi all.

What dates are people going on the Kilimanjaro trip? I am booked on as a solo traveller and would love to know if we are all on the same trip. I travel from London on 16th August to do the Lomosho route. Hope I have found fellow travellers.



Hi Sarah,

Welcome aboard!  I’m pleased to reassure you that there are 8 of us heading-up Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route on the 16th August with you (see posts above).   Fear not.  You are in good company.  In fact, I can reveal, with complete confidence, that you are joining an ‘elite’ team of mountaineers… the crème de la crème of Kili climbers!!!!!  Hope the fitness-training is going well?   My son Gabriel and I will look out for you at Heathrow terminal 2 with your turquoise Exodus bag!  See you in a couple of weeks!



Hi Martyn. Cheers for the reply. Training was going well till a few weeks ago when I got tonsillitis. Finally getting over it and back into running. Going to lake district next week for some hill training.  Have you got all your gear and stuff sorted?


I have just retired and am bringing my two daughters with me on the trip - they are in the 30-40 age group and I am the other OAP! Been getting a lot of miles in the boots and am really looking forward to the adventure.

see you at Heathrow!


I have just retired and am bringing my two daughters with me on the trip - they are in the 30-40 age group and I am the other OAP! Been getting a lot of miles in the boots and am really looking forward to the adventure.

see you at Heathrow!


Getting excited now guys. There's still so much I need to buy. Did anyone get altitude sickness tablets? I hope I stay within the weight limit 😊

Hi Sue,

Thanks for joining the chat room – and “welcome aboard”.  It sounds like we are all getting very enthused about our forthcoming adventure.  Curiously though – I’m wondering if the ‘group info’ I obtained from Martha at Exodus is still accurate. (see my post above).  This is because, if you are bringing your ‘2 daughters’ then with myself, Gabriel, Andrea, Lisa (Purdy), Sarah (Millsy) and yourself that makes up the ‘8 people’ I was informed going on this Lemosho climb.  However - I was informed that there were ‘4 male and 4 female’.   Therefore – GULP! - We have “2 men missing” – and we haven’t even started the ascent yet!!!    Hmmmm… Logically, (just call me “Sherlock”) this conundrum would only be solved if 2 of the ladies who have already posted messages above are your daughters – and there are 2 blokes out there who haven’t yet joined the group chat.   Or…. that there are now more than 8 of us on this climb.   Questions… questions!!!


-          Martyn

Oooops, can't believe we have lost people before we have even set off. 

On a different note. has anyone read the notes about baggage allowance being 20kg from UK then 15kg on internal flights? I have double checked and been told our allowance is 20kg for the whole trip and 15kg for the porters to carry. I was getting worried that was going to be another hidden cost.

Another thing I wanted to check was has anyone found out what type of plug adapter we need for the nights we are in the hotel? All the ones for sale are USA, Europe or Asia.  Bit confused about that.


Hi Sarah,

(just on your ealier post - as only just seen you new one)

Yeah – there is a lot of clothing and stuff to get.  Touch wood – I think Gabriel and me are all just about sorted now.   Thanks for your question about preventing AMS – as I guess this is our greatest fear about this trip!  (It is mine!)  I did look at purchasing “Diamox” on line - but decided against.  I was slightly concerned that it’s not a medicine that UK GPs are licenced to prescribe – and I was also put off by the fact that it is eye-wateringly expensive (£100 -ish) – and that I’d be committing to taking course of these tablets over our 12 day trip.  I also read here that good old Ibuprofen is ‘perhaps’ better in any case – you only use it when needed and has the normal ‘immediate’ effect.  But Diamox is both well-known and tried and tested – so you may decide differently yourself, eh?


-          Martyn

I did get Diamox it cost £25 for consultation and prescription but had to go to the travel hospital service for private consultation. Not as expensive as expected. I will ask advice from guides as to whether to take it from day 1 or only when necessary as I've had 2 different pieces of advice regarding its use.

hi Martyn

Bit of a mystery re the numbers, but my daughters haven't posted any comments on the forum - will be interesting to see who is in the final group.

just picked up our malaria pills and we do have some altitude pills, hoping to get away without taking them if possible, although that really is the only unknown. Am taking Ibuprofen in any event, so hope that will do the trick.

not long now!





Also been doing a lot of shopping and worried about weight limits! Although from what I read we can take a bigger bag than exodus one and leave it at the hotel with any bits and pieces so thinking I'll take a normal suitcase then pack my exodus bag when I get there.

On the plugs everything I have read seems to suggest they have the same as the UK so no need for an adaptor. 

I've not decided on the diamox yet but I guess if I'm going to get it I need to get myself an appointment asap. 

Not long to go now!




Dear Team,

Just off to get my new, “big-face” USA dollars for the trip now.  (Curios, eh? – for an African country – and curious about the instruction to get “newer bills only”).  By the way – did you all realise – (because I hadn’t realised until very recently) – that we need to each set aside $200 to tip the porters at the start of the trip.  Kili porters are paid a pittance apparently – so rely on tourist tips to make ends meet.  All sounds fair-enough to me – but I just thought I’d mention it in case any of you had also missed this too when you are getting your own currency.   It also says in the ‘trip notes’ that you have to pay extra to the porters if you take over the 15Kg mentioned by Sarah, above.   I think I may look again at the Diamox – especially if you can get them for so much less than I originally thought.  Tanzania uses a UK type G plugs – but also (strangely!) some places use type 3-pin ‘round’ pronged type D too – so I’ll take a couple of adaptors just in case.    

Anyway, Gabe and I are heading up to Lake District at some God-forsaken hour tomorrow morning to get in a few days of actual ‘mountain’ practice (it’s taking far, far too much imagination to re-create Kilimanjaro on our local disused Warwickshire train line!!!!)  If anyone fancies meeting us at the top of Skafell Pike – we’ll be up there by lunchtime on Thursday…. preloading Kili celebration drinks on top of our own highest!!!



Hi Sarah,

have you got either the URL or contact details for the "travel hospital service" you mention above for the Diamox, please?

- martyn


Hi Martyn

The travel hospital was at my local hospital so if you phone your surgery they might give you a contact number.  

I have read the notes and am planning to take quite a bit extra cash for other unforseen tips and expenses too.

I am going to the lake district Thursday till Saturday to get some hill practise in. Hope weather is a bit better than today it hasn't stopped raining up here.

Hi Martyn.

How did the trip up Scafell go? I was up Blencathra that day getting in some hiking practice with my fully loaded day pack. How heavy is 3 litres of water? Blimey.  Just finished my last shopping trip and about to start packing.

Hi Sue.

I will be taking a case and packing my holdall when I get there too. I am doing a 3 day safari after the trek. Hope I'm not too knackered to enjoy it. Hope we have time for a dip in the pool too. Hope to see you all at the airport.




Just wondering if anyone has any advice on sim cards and data roaming? I'd like to contact family a couple of times while I'm away. I'm thinking of buying a local sim


Hi Sarah,

Ooooh!  - I love Blencathra!  Which route did you take up?  Have you ever done Hall's Fell Ridge to the Blencathra summit?  (This exposed arete can get the pulse racing - especially if there's a breeze up).  Gabriel and my trip to the Lakes was severely curtailed unfortunately as he's been ill with a severe cold.  But at least he's got the cold all out the way befiore "the big one"   We know the Lakes very well indeed - and generally walk/scramble all over it once or twice a year.  

I've also been advised to buy a local SIM card for tanzania - but may just go completely mobile and Wi-Fi free for the entire period.  Might be quite refreshing to be outta contact with the world, eh?

Really looking forward to meeting everyone....  Maybe see you all tomorrow in the departures lounge. eh?   Perhaps we intrepid 8 should we all wear some identifying item to help recognise each other?  A red carnation???  On second thoughts - perhaps not!!!!!!   See you all at hotel bar in Arusha instead!!  

Cheers, Martyn   

Hi all.

Having been on a trip with Exodus last year it is quite possible we will have seats together on the plane. The did a block booking last year.  Look out for people in hiking boots carrying the heavier stuff they didn't pack in their cases.  I ejoyed boot spotting in the airport last year.  

PS Martyn I like the red carnation idea hehehe ;-)

Looking forward to meeting everyone.



Hey all, I'm flying out today - I got different flights as I'm going on to Zanzibar before heading home from there. I'll aim to get to to the hotel in Arusha to meet you all the not too long after you've arrived. Andrea 

Have a safe trip see you soon.


hi all

Can't believe it's come around so soon and off tomorrow!

quick question on currency - does anyone know if we should keep money in USD or change it into Tanzanian shilling? Ive read one thing which seems to suggest changing it at the airport is best but another suggesting we would give our tips in USD therefore I guess shouldn't change it all -if anyone has any insight let me know?!?

cheers and see you all soon



As far as I'm aware we pay in dollars. I haven't read anything about changing money. Tips areally given in dollars.

Thanks that also saves a job changing money!!

see you soon


OMG I can't believe the time has come.  I've got butterflies. My journey from Sheffield starts at 11am. See you all at the departure lounge eeeeeeee 🤗🤗🤗

Hi all,

Hey - "drive carefully" to the airport everyone!  see you later this evening, hopefully!

- Martyn

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