Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route

Hi, I shall be doing the Lemosho route next year - is anyone else going or have been before recently?


I'm also doing the Lemosho trek departing on the 19/9/18 solo. Rather excited and nervous as have not done anything like this before, however got plenty of tips from a friend who has done Kili before! Would also be great to hear from any fellow trekkers that will be on this trek too :-)

Hey guys, I am also doing this trip! :) Are you both planning to get your visa ahead of the trip or onsite at Kili airport?


I've been advised to get it at the airport. A few people have mentioned when they purchased visas in advance for Tanzania they paid extra for the photos, mailing plus the visa service that handled them, so it works out a little cheaper doing it at the airport ($50). :)

Thanks for confirming Naz! I'll be getting it at the airport then :) Will it be your first trek in Africa? I've also done Toubkal with Exodus so I cannot wait to climb Kili! Hoping to get some good training in the next few months as I now live in Switzerland! 

Ah toubkal that's amazing! Yep this will be my first trek in Africa and first mountain outside of the UK! very excited and nervous, lots of training in the lake district. How lucky, you'll have lots of wonderful mountains in Switzerland! Are you doing this solo too? 

Yes going solo too! Tried to convince some friends to join but they were not as keen on the climb as I was :) any tips your friend shared with you that you think are essential to know? 

tried to convince my friends too but were not as keen also! She mentioned quite a few tips you‘ve probably heard numerous times, a really decent sleeping bag and good base layers and down jacket, as it gets very cold the higher we go.Try to drink a lot of water 3-4 litres per day, she said it’s a struggle but vital to help with AMS (bring a water bladder too and electrolytes replacements for water). 

Bring some treats/chocolates ect you’d like as your appetite decreases also she said, she really struggled with eating. But most importantly to go slowly (as we will get told a lot), she mentioned how the really super super fit people struggled to reach the top as they walked way quicker, and the average people managed really well by taking it easy and slow. Might also bring my GoPro to make a little video of the whole journey! 😃

Hello, I am also doing this trek, can't wait!

Hey guys, how are you all ahead of our upcoming adventure in Tanzania? ;) Is the excitement building up yet? 

Hey, very excited and a little nervous now that it’s so close!

is anybody else wearing a set of their hiking clothes at the airpirt or anything that makes them stand out so I can spot any fellow members of the group?


I will definitely have walking boots and trousers on with a red North Face bag and exodus tag :) I believe that if we don't find each other in the aiport queuing we'll find each other in the plane as usually group flights sit together in the same area of the plane! 


ah fab, I’ll be wearing walking boots and trousers too with a bright yellow Rab duffle bag with the Exodus tag (shouldn’t be hard to miss :’), see you on Wednesday! 

i will also be in walking boots, with red back pack.

what exodus tag?

Hey we only meant the luggage tag that you should have received with your kitbag :)

Looks like the weather will be trying - rain followed by snow showers as we go up in altitude :'( (was not planning on packing crampons!)

I’m also doig the climb solo and am really relieved to know there are others in the same boat!

will keep an eye out for all... ill have a blue back pack, and mostly just realised most of my kit is black!

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