Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route 5th July

I've just booked on this trip - very excited as it's been on the bucket list for ages!

It would be good to see who else is going and to see what prep you are doing training wise and to share packing tips on what to take!


Hello Heidi - I am also booked on this trip. Have been walking and cycling mainly - plus some cardio work on the Cross Trainer, but not been to any altitude for training purposes. I booked earlier in the year so have certainly improved fitness levels over last 2-3 months. Kit is always difficult with so many climatic changes and layering best option in terms of weight allowance but I expect my bag will be bang on the 15kg limit !! Can send you more details if you like. Kind regards, Chris.

Hi Chris!
Are you taking a down jacket? I'm keen to take one as hate being cold and then a waterproof jacket too with lots of layering. It would be great if you could send me more details of what you're packing. My e mail is [email protected] if it's too much to put on here!
I also wondered what to do about poles and a sleeping mat. I've phoned Exodus twice as it says in the notes you can pre-book through them but I'm not getting any answers and being sent round in circles a bit.
I'm in the gym 4 times a week anyway so just doing longer sessions and more gym work to toughen up. I might try and get hold of an altitude training mask too.
I checked the group size and its 18 so pretty big!

I have emailed you. Regards, Chris.

Anyone else signed up for this trip ??

Hi Heidi and Chris, I am very much looking forward to our Kili adventure! In terms of fitness, I run regularly and walk almost everywhere, and although I may up my mileage a little, I also don't want to risk getting injured ahead of the trip. I don't think there's much one can do to prepare for the altitude beforehand - I'm counting on going 'pole pole' and drinking huge amounts of water! As for gear, it's slowly coming together. I am borrowing a sleeping bag from a friend but did buy a good Theramrest mattress. Heidi, I have found that my Exodus customer operations executive (her name is Marta, in case you have the same one) is very responsive to emails - perhaps that will be easier than phoning. On the down jacket, I think I may go for 4-5 layers including a Patagonia down sweater, but I am not 100% sure yet - I need to try it all on and make sure I can still move! Look forward to meeting you all in July!

Hi Denise! It's a nightmare knowing what kit to take but I'm making progress now. I don't want to take too much but not too little! I got a down jacket, a waterproof and lots of layers as do feel the cold. I decided to use my 3 seasons sleeping bag but got a fleece liner to help!
Chris and I were saying it would be really good to get a few of us chatting before we go then maybe set up a what's app group which is what my trip last summer did.
Where in the UK are you based? I'm down in Bournemouth.

Hi Heidi, I am in London. Hopefully others from the group will show up soon, although there's plenty of time, of course. I was surprised when you said there were 18 of us! We're going to be quite a gang, with all the guides and porters.

It's a big group isn't it! I hope a few more show up soon on here. I've had a good run on getting kit this week so feeling organised now. My kit bag is filling up but doesn't weigh much so far thank goodness!

Hi Heidi, I just spoke to Exodus as I decided to buy my travel insurance from them. I was told there are 15 in the group, and it seems to be a really nice mix: 11 men, four women; two couples, one family group of four (I think), the rest single travellers; ages range from an intrepid under-18 (part of the family group) into the 60s, with most in their 30s and 40s. I forgot to ask if everyone was UK based; when I went to Peru with Exodus a few years ago, there were quite a few travellers from the US as well.

I'm impressed - you are well ahead of me on the packing front!

Hi Denise, and Heidi
Nice to hear from others on the same trip. WhatsApp group sounds a good idea if we get any others to reply. Still have some kit decisions but know roughly what I'm taking. Agreed, not much you can do training wise for the altitude - South Bucks is really quite flat !! Are you both on the Air Ethiopia flights arranged by Exodus ?? in which case will meet up at LHR. Will probably have a few questions before we go so wold be good to stay in touch.

Hi Chris, yes, I am also on the Air Ethiopia flight. Not flown them before, but a friend of mine did when we met up in Rwanda last year, and she said it was fine - and Addis has great free wifi, although I've found that's true for most international African airports now. I'll be getting my visa before travelling - in my experience, having flown into Dar and Zanzibar before, you do get through immigration much more quickly if you already have one.

Hi Denise, I keep ticking the box to send me an email when someone replies and yet I'm never emailed, so apologies for delay in replying. Last time I went to Tanzania our group of 4 all sent our passports by recorded delivery to their embassy in London and only 3 came back so I'm reluctant to let my passport out of my site - in fairness that was 10 years ago so maybe the system's completely changed ?? Can you maybe email me if you get a chance - wouldn't mind finding out how you're going about it [email protected] (Heidi's email is earlier in this thread). BTW my flight departs 21:00 on 5 July - is yours really 05:35 ??

Hi Chris, I live in London so I can just pop into the Tanzanian embassy (which is just off Oxford Street) - I've gotten visas there twice in the last few years and have never had any issues. Of course, if you are not able to go yourself it probably makes sense to just get it when you arrive - I am sure several people will be doing the same.

My flight also leaves at 9pm - why did you think mine was earlier? Heidi, will you be on the same one?

Hi both
I haven't been getting the e mail to confirm someone has replied to the thread so apologies for my delay too!
Yes I'm on the same flight as you both. This is my third year running to various parts of Africa using Ethiopian Airways via Addis! It's a basic airport but was being expanded so maybe that's happened now as there was no wifi last July other than in one of the cafes. The airline is absolutely fine with phone chargers and plenty of films!
I've got all my main gear now just need a few odd bits. I've read that the porters cover our kit bags with waterproof covers
so we don't need to worry about waterproof sacks for our gear but I've e mailed to find out.
As for the visas I might see if I can get mine on line before I go. I went to Zambia last year and just got it when I arrived which was easy enough - I definitely don't want to send my passport off but will take a look.
It would be good to try and meet up at Heathrow before we fly.

Myself and my partner James are booked on the trip too. I booked the flights separately but I think we're on the same one from Heathrow as the group anyway so it would be nice to meet for a drink in Departures. Only a few weeks to go and I'm getting very excited . . . .

Hi Jen
Welcome to our chat! We were hoping some of the other would join in so we can get chatting before we go and meet in departures.
I'm really excited now - 5 weeks and we'll all be arriving at Heathrow!
A bit of info for us all. I was thinking about getting waterproof sacks for my gear to go in the kit bag but them I read on an article that the porters cover our bags with waterproof covers. I e mailed Marta our Exodus contact and she confirmed they do but it's s good idea to even put bin bags round our stuff to be safe!

Good tip, Heidi! I have found the following website incredibly helpful, especially for figuring out what to take - the author also responds to queries, which is really useful as you may find people have already asked the same questions you might have (for example, on specific gear - I was worried about my down jacket, but now I am relaxed it'll be fine).
I'm nearly there now, I think. Jen, I'm getting very excited, too! Look forward to meeting you and James in July.

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