Kilimanjaro Rongain Route 15th Sep departure

Really excited about this! Is anyone else booked? I would love to meet everyone & swap training stories!

sorry about the typos... the fun of sneakily planning holidays when I should be working!

Hi, yes I'm really excited about this trip too, there are 4 of us going. I have invested in a decent pair of walking boots, and I have already done a couple of 3 hours walks. My only issue is the altitude when we start to climb. It will be a good trip though.   

hello yes i've just paid the balance, there are 4 of us aswell. Really looking forward to the trip. Starting to wear in the boots and sort out the exhaustive packing list! So i make at least 9 of us so far......

We are part of this trip and have been doing regular walks of 6-10 miles to ensure our mobility - necessary in our case because of advancing years.  One recommendation is to consider getting a prescription of Diamox from your Doctor if you have not already done so.  This is recommended by many to combat the potential effects of altitude sickness.  Looking forward to meeting you all,  David and Carolle

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