Land of the Tiger

Meeting fellow travellers!

Hi Steve are you going at the beginning of April?


Hello Caroline 

Yes flying out on evening of 5th April. Are you on the same trip?

Hi yes I am.

Will see you at Heathrow then.  I'll look out for you.



Hello Caroline.  I hope you are well. The trip is getting closer.  I look forward to meeting you at Heathrow in April. 



Ill look out for you be good to have Some company in Mumbai - going to be a long wait for the next flight 

That would be nice. I hope you don't get bored with me during the long wait. If we do meet at Heathrow, you might be tired of me before we even get to Mumbai.

im sure that’s not true. I plan on sleeping all the way to Mumbai. It will be fun exploring Mumbai airport. 

That's nice of you to say so, but then if you are asleep I won't have the opportunity to bore you. It will interesting to see what Mumbai airport has to offer. By the way where are you coming from? I am in  Somerset.

I’m from Birmingham. 

Thank you for letting me know. You are Just up the M5 from me then. Hopefully we will meet at Heathrow later today. Have a safe journey.

ive just had an email saying friends have booked me into the lounge at Heathrow so I’ll be there to start with. I’ll see you at the departure gates. 


Safe journey 

Are you travelling with friends? I don't want to interrupt or bother you.

I'll be on my own - but I'm sure most of the group will be at Heathrow too.  We'll have to look out for Exodus luggage tags.


Maybe we will meet some more at the check in. I haven't heard from any other group members, but once they check in the tags will be with the bags for the hold so they will become anonymous .

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