Land of the tiger 31st March 2017


Just booked this trip and can't wait. Seems ages away at the minute but I'm sure it'll be fast coming around. Anyone else booked this trip?


Hi Louise,
I am booked on this - so excited! I've just been looking through all the info - it feels very real now.

Hi Jo,
I know! It'all come round in no time with Xmas etc. Really looking forward to it. I'm coming from Glasgow then onto the group flight.

We are doing this tour in February, Very exciting! I will let you know how it goes....!!

Great! Hope you have a brilliant time. I did it 6 years ago and loved it. Just hope it's as good :-)

It really is getting closer now! Jude, do let us know how it goes and any tips for what to take...
I'm on the group flight too Louise - If you did it 6 years ago you might have some good tips already - I'm a bit of novice to this sort of trip so any advice gratefully received!

Hi Jo,

It's just over 10 weeks! Just wish they'd hurry up and guarantee the departure so we can get visas sorted :-)
Take a pair of gloves and some socks! Last thing you would think of but is freezing on the trucks at 5.30am :-)

Very good shout! Thank you!
I'm looking to do the e-visa, but just trying to get a picture that I think ticks all the boxes! Not as easy as it looks! :/

I know. I think I found a photo booth that did it last time but cant remember where :-). I see the e-visa only goes up to end of feb at the min so will need to hang off. If anyone is interested, I've just ordered 'Bio-kult'. A few of my friends who've been to India have recommended it. I was hit with a bit of dehli belly last time so will give it a go :-)

I was recommended Biokult too. I have some already. I read to start taking it 2 weeks before, during and after the trip too. Just organised my vaccinations appointment. We have the departure guaranteed now - we-re definitely off! :)

I know! getting excited now :-)

Me too with the vaccinations. Are you having the same with the e-visa that it only goes up to the beginning of march so far? Guess we'll have to wait a few weeks...

Yes... You can only get the e-visa 30 or so days in advance I think - have to wait a bit longer!

Hi, has anyone been asked about Japanese encephalitis jabs? Not sure if need them or not. Definately a new thing..

Indian Visa done! Getting excited now :-)

Visa granted! Getting excited now :-)

Indian visa granted! Getting excited now :-)

I did it yesterday too and got it granted last night!!! Nothing stopping us now! :)

I can't remember if the Japanese encephalitis jab was mentioned or not - it rings a bell though. I think if I was, I must have decided that it wasn't necessary based on the advice I was given at the time! Clear as mud that! I do remember that if I get bitten by a dog, I've got 24 hours to get to a hospital! ;)

Yeah, I didn't bother with that jab in the end but got the rabies one last time so can pet so many dogs as I like :-)

I'll keep you between me and any dogs at all times then ;)

I'm a sucker for the strays:-)

Louise, are you getting the flights from Heathrow as organised by Exodus - just thinking it might be nice to meet up before we get on the plane...

Yeah, definately. I get in from Glasgow about 5 then planned on getting some food so will probably be there first. Number is 07919 377763. How about you give me a shout when you arrive and we can meet up? :-)

Sounds great. Will text you now so you have my number too. My weekend mainly consists of making sure I have everything! Not long now!

Sounds great. Will text you now so you have my number too. My weekend mainly consists of making sure I have everything! Not long now!

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